Saturday, November 8, 2008

Deejo's Old Today!

Happy Birthday Deejo!
As your oldest sister, I thought to myself, "GunDiva, what could you possibly do to embarrass the hell out of Deejo on his birthday?" The answer was nothing. We've told all the embarrassing stories - you remember, the Easter dinner when it came out that you had stripped at amateur night at the Cow Palace (do you still have that green sequined thong?). Everybody already knows about your time as a guest of Sheriff Joe (can you eat peanut butter - or was it bologna - anymore?). So I guess that means I'll just have to share a couple of my "remember whens"...
Remember when... were a kid and tried to kill yourself on your bicycle? You'd just cleared a jump off the sidewalk, just to run smack-dab into the front of a parked car. I damn nearly peed myself laughing. I thought only cartoon characters molded themselves to the front ends of cars and then slowly melted off. busted your nose at Rolland Moore park and Junior thought you'd died? He came home as fast as possible on his bike and ran into the house screaming "Deejo's dead! Deejo's dead!" busted THREE of my ribs swing dancing? The Death Spin is just the name of the move, not really an invitation for you to kill me!
...your coolest older sister built you the most kick-ass shotgun ever, but you refused to let her put the SureFire fore-end light on because "it's too heavy"? Wuss. Your M16 was heavier than that little bitty shotgun I built you - what kind of Marine were you anyway? took Mom to look at a Goat you wanted to buy and she almost made the salesman puke?
There are lots and lots of "remember whens" - enough to fill a book - but I just wanted to let you know that we love you and we're thinking of you even though you up and moved away to Arizona.
Happy birthday!


Anonymous said...

You almost made me cry, Tel. Very sweet of you to blog about the Deejo. BTW fully loaded M-16 A2 sans M203 is 8.5 lbs. Fully loaded Skeeter special 10.2 lbs...without SureFire fore-end. Not wussy, just into usability;)

The Deejo

GunDiva said...

Ok, ok, so the Skeeter Special is a bit heavier than the M-16. But not a whole lot heavier. I think my Skeeter Special with the fore-end weighed in at just over 12 lbs.

Happy birthday anyway!