Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mountain Therapy

The majority of the time I have "Mountain Therapy" it's on the back of Estes. Today, RCC and I did a different form of Mountain Therapy; RCC's partner, Mike, invited us to join him, so we met up with the Mountaineers club and took the Jeep up the Middle St. Vrain trail. The weather was absolutely beautiful in the mountains - sunny and warm. Since we're headed to Moab in a couple of weeks, today's outing was perfect for testing out the Jeep (or the Lil Blue BoX as RCC's has taken to calling her).

The Lil Blue BoX was one of the few "stockers" on the trail and I'm sure that there was more than one person who thought we wouldn't make it. However, RCC's been doing this a while and is a good driver, so there really wasn't any point during the ride that we were in danger of being stuck. We had lots of rock obstacles, water crossings, and mud holes. It was a great time and a great way to get out of the heat.

Here's video of Mike and RCC negotiating the lake crossing...

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Deejo said...

They used to call that trail Caribou back when I was pulling Jeeps and Fords out of that water crossing. Fun set of trails there with some pretty neat hill climbs. Nelle damn near ran a bunch of us over in Katie's stocker YJ. Priceless! I'll have to transfer the video to digital and post it. Can't wait for MOAB, even though I'll just be ballast this time ;)