Sunday, July 21, 2013

Working Vacations

I tend to schedule vacation time so that I can go "work" at other "jobs".  Our staycation in May was pretty rare; it's not often I schedule time off of work with nothing planned other than having fun.

Last week, I took the week off so I could work a private health fair that earned me enough money to pay for my new baby. It was a few really early mornings, and I don't like mornings.  I think it's uncivilized to be up and moving before the sun bothers to make an appearance.  However, I enjoy working with the crew I had and I'll enjoy my new baby even more, so it was worth it.

As I was going through my emails last week, I came across a two-fer coupon for a Michael Jackson tribute show, HIStory II.  Jay and I had talked about going, but took one look at the prices and decided not to.  Buuuuutttt, with the two-fer, the price wasn't so bad.

So we went.

And had a great time.

I love to do stuff like this; if I ever won the powerball (in addition to everything else I'd want to do with the money), I would totally buy season tickets - the 2013-2014 line up for the Lincoln Center is amazing.

Now, I'm packing up to head down to Julie Goodnight's place - it's time to shoot the Colorado Episodes of her TV show, Horse Master with Julie Goodnight.  Heidi, her producer, always works us hard, but I learn so much and have a ton of fun that it's absolutely worth it.  If you're a horse owner and you haven't watched it, you should give it a go.

I can tell you honestly that nothing on the show is faked; I've been working with the show for about five years.  Each episode is filmed in a 24-hour period.  Julie watches the horse and rider/handler, gives some teaching (like in a clinic), the horse and rider go work on the new skills, and come back the next day for the "after" footage.  The change in the horses and riders/handlers is astounding.

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