Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Poo Doesn't Stink

Well, it might, but you'd never know it.

I saw this commercial on Facebook and laughed my butt off.

In fact, I enjoyed the commercial so much I hopped on Amazon and bought a gift set.  I figured even if it was a joke (despite the tons and tons of reviews that say it's the best thing since sliced bread), anyone who could come up with a commercial like that deserved my money.

Jay just kept shaking his head and telling me that I had just bought snake oil.  I laughed and said, "nope, it's going to work."

When it arrived in the mail, I couldn't wait for one of us to have to go.  Now, I know that sounds wrong, but, really, with the on-going argument about whether or not it would work, I needed to know that I had won.  I even called him and asked if he was brewing something up.  The answer was no.  What the hell?  When I needed him to have a bad case of fire ass, he had nothing.

The minute he would walk into the bathroom, I'd holler at him to "spray the toilet", whether or not he had to pinch a loaf (so much funnier in a British accent).

Finally - he had to lay a snake.

I don't even think I let him break the plane of the door on exit before I pounced, "Did it work?!"

"One time is not enough data to determine whether or not something works," was my answer.

YES!!!  With confidence I strolled into the bathroom, only to be met with the fresh scent of lemon.


What he thinks of as too small a data set to draw a conclusion, I call 100%, baby!

Since the original "data set", poo-pourri has continued to impress.  I'm really glad that I bought the gift set, with a spray for the bathroom, a travel-size spray, and some personal cleansing cloths.  Every morning, when I get dressed there are a couple of things that I drop into my scrub pockets: lip shit balm, pens, and my stylus for my phone. Starting tomorrow, I'd going to be adding the travel-size spray to my pocket.


Allenspark Lodge said...

I...I can't...I don't...I think...

Aye yi yi.


GunDiva said...

It's pretty much the best stuff on the planet.

In fact, I kind of wish I had bought the "Trap a Crap" just because the way she says it makes me giggle.

Candance said...

Hmmm. I got nothing. Well, other than I know what Max and NJ will have under the tree come Christmas morning because they will think this is the funniest thing ever.

Jen68 said...

Hysterical,, yes,, i am checking this crap out!

GunDiva said...

Best. Stuff. Ever.