Saturday, November 2, 2013

We're Officially a Writing Family!

Back in August, I published my first book.  It was a long time in coming, as the stories contained in it spanned nine years.  I was overwhelmed to hold my book in my hand when it arrived in the mail.  I thought nothing could ever come close to that feeling of accomplishment and pride in my work.

But then, Jay finished his children's book.  When I finally got my hands on his proof copy and got to look at the vibrant colors in the illustrations and run my fingers over the characters I have loved for almost five years, well, that feeling was even more profound than when I held my own book.

I watched Jay bring his characters to life and to finally get to hold the book in my hand - it has to be similar to holding a newborn after watching your spouse go through pregnancy and labor.  I couldn't stop picking it up and flipping through it.

If you have small children, you have to buy his book, not because my hubby wrote it, but because it's just so beautiful.  In most children's books, the artwork supports the story, but in Jay's book, the story supports the artwork.

You can find it on Amazon now or Barnes and Noble in a couple of days.

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