Sunday, January 19, 2014

Vegas, Baby!

We spent the week in Vegas for SHOT Show (Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade show), so we were out there for "work".  If you call writing a blog "work" ;)

However, it wasn't all nose to the grindstone.  Once we finished up with the show, we had some free time before we came home, so we played a little bit.  Friday morning, we headed out to the Shark Reef to hang out with some cool critters.

There was a school group there, so you might want to turn the volume for the videos OFF unless you want to listen to a bunch of noisy kids.

Jay got to pet the stingray

Jay has decided that since no humans live under the water that that's where the aliens live, which prompted him to wonder if jellyfish are just alien sperm.  Yep, that's the way my hubby's mind works.  I'm a lucky girl, no?

Friday night, we all went to see Zumanity.  I was pleasantly surprised at the price.  When I looked up ticket prices online, the cheapest I could find was $165/ticket, yet when we went to the ticket counter, we found that we could get tickets for $74 each, so we snatched up the tickets.

Oh my word, Zumanity was so much fun!  I knew it was for adults, but I didn't expect the humor aspect.  I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. 

Saturday was our day to leave, but our flight wasn't until the evening, so we wasted time by driving around not-the-Strip Vegas.  The first stop was Gold and Silver Pawn shop, better known for their TV show Pawn Stars.  Although calling it a "stop" would be a lie.  We saw the lines to get in and opted for a drive-by instead.

5,000 people a day visit.  I bet not all 5,000 are there to pawn stuff.

Our next stop was Count's Kustoms, of Counting Cars fame. They are kind of tucked back off the main drag and a little more difficult to find, so there wasn't a line.  I'm a big fan of the show and am forever amazed at what Danny's crew can do.

After leaving Count's Kustoms, we were just driving around when suddenly both Jay and Mez spotted the most fun store of all ... The Zombie Apocalypse Store.  We had to stop.  What a fun store!  I could have bought everything in it.  Their stock was a combination of fun and useful.  Lots of just campy fun zombie-themed t-shirts and stickers along with ammo, freeze dried food, and non-firearm weapons.

By this time, our stomachs were starting to tell us it was time to find food, so off to In and Out Burger.  The boys really like it, but I'm kind of ho-hum about it.  I like their philosophy, but am not in love with their food.  Since it will be at least a year before they get to eat it again, I didn't raise any objections.  See what a good wife I am?

Even with all of the time we managed to waste during the day, we still got to the airport with plenty of time for me to sit down and read my new book almost cover-to-cover.

Read. this. book.

I'm not kidding.  If you read nothing else this year, you must read this book.  It's a real-life, love conquers all kind of book.  I spent the last few pages in tears, but not the bad kind.  You must read this book.

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Allenspark Lodge said...

Sounds like you did some of the stuff on our to-do list for the Finals. Gotta make it next year; it might be the last in Vegas.

And a good new book, too, huh?