Wednesday, March 19, 2014

THIS is a bracket I can get behind!

I follow Grammarly on Facebook and several times a day, they post something that makes me laugh or cringe (or both).

Over the weekend, they posted "The Battle to Determine the Most Maddening Writing Error".  I don't do March Madness brackets or anything of the sort, but this?  This I can get behind.  Take a look at the competitors:

Your/You're beat out Two/Too/To in the first match-up.  Today's match-up is "I could care less" v.s. "Could/would/should of".  I voted for the could/would/should of, which makes me want to scream, "HAVE! It's could HAVE!" and then mutter under my breath.

When I shared the bracket with Digger, though, he lost it over "I could care less" and went on a mini-rant.  I guess the family (the two of us anyway) is divided for this match, but that just makes it more interesting.

Here are my picks (I meant to post this before Grammar Madness began, but I'm late):

And here are Digger's picks:

After we completed our brackets, we had a rousing discussion about who was going to win.  I'm fairly certain that Misused Apostrophes is going to take it all, but he's pretty certain Irregardless is going to win.

I can't wait to show him Mother Knows Best!

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