Wednesday, September 16, 2015

30 Days of Memories: Day 3

Day 1
Day 2

(Yes, these are all pictures of pictures. I wanted to stay authentic to the memories on my new shelves, so I'm just snapping pics of what's on each shelf.)

In 2006, I was lucky enough to get to travel with a group of my friends to Italy for 15 days. It was amazing. I took this picture in the ruins outside of the Colosseum in Rome. I remember being absolutely astounded by all of the rich history in Italy. The U.S. is such a young country compared to the rest of the world that I felt like I'd stepped into a World History book. Despite losing my luggage and starting the day in soggy clothes (did you know that if you handwash your clothes and hang them to dry in a humid area, they won't, in fact, dry?), I had such a wonderful day.

I learned that the aqueducts (fontanelles) have some of the best water I've ever tasted. I'm completely a water snob, but I couldn't get enough of the aqueduct water.

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