Thursday, August 21, 2008

When did that happen?!?!?

This morning as I was dropping Ashee-butt off at school, it hit me...she's not a little kid anymore. When did that happen? Just yesterday, I swear, she was "mustin' bustin' " at the Rooftop Rodeo in her little pigtails. And then it hit me again...none of the kids are kids anymore. Digger's turning 17 next week (17!!!!); I'm not old enough to have a kid who's almost old enough to vote.

Logically, I know how it happened, but in my heart the Heathi are still my babies, not young adults who want to make their own decisions and have their own lives. Even the baby, Monster, isn't much of a baby. He's grown at least 4 inches over the summer, another couple of months and he'll be taller than I am (not that that's a feat by any stretch of the imagination!).

Wow. Kinda makes me sad on one hand that they're growing up and won't need Mom much anymore, but on the other hand, I'm awful proud of the people they're becoming. Maybe all of the shouting, threatening and ocassional spanking is paying off.


Deejo said...

I know the feeling about what happened. It's always strange when I get a glimpse of MYSELF and realize I'm NOT a teen anymore. Life goes by too fast and you never notice until so much has zipped by. Beats the alternative, right?

GunDiva said...

What do you mean,we're not teens anymore? Actually, I wouldn't repeat my teen years (or my twenties) for all the money in the world. Just wish I still had my 18 year-old body, though.