Sunday, August 3, 2008

Yes, it hurts!

Some time in June I got a wild hair up my butt and decided I needed another tattoo. I swore after the 1st one I'd never get another; the first one was meaningful, and is continuing to serve its purpose, but I really had no desire for another one. Hmmm...that's what I thought. So I thought it over, and thought it over, and finally asked RockCrawlinChef to design one for me. I love his artwork and thought it would be amazing to have him be the one to design my next tattoo. I didn't give him any parameters, just asked him to design something that would suit me and he did. He drew an angel wrapped around a semi-automatic pistol - what more could a GunDiva ask for?

I fell in love with the design and made an appointment with Erick at Tribal Rites to have it done...I had hoped to do it for my birthday in July, but couldn't get an appointment until yesterday. RCC and I went together and held each other's hands while we got permanently marked :) It was painful at times, but nothing too horrible, and it was a lot easier to handle it with someone there to take my mind off of it. At times I had to giggle, because RCC sounded so much like a birthing coach reminding me to breathe.

I'm pretty sure it'll be my last tattoo, but that's what I said after the first one. Already, RCC's thinking about his next one. I think I'll let the memory of the pain fade first.

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