Friday, July 24, 2009

Estee's Temper Tantrum

Had a great ride today, but had to have a Come-To-Jesus meeting with little Miss Estes. She was being a little brat about staying on the trail, just pushing it a little bit - "Can I walk over here?", "How 'bout over here?", "Really? You want me on the trail?". Finally I'd had enough of her stuck right rudder and decided that if she wanted off of the trail she was going to work for it, so off we stepped and started working (that is, circling at a trot until she came around to my way of thinking). It didn't take too long for her to decide that maybe staying on the trail wasn't so horrible after all, but I could practically hear her cursing me out in her mind: "Fine! I'll stay on the trail, but I'm not going to like it! I'm not going to have fun and you can't make me! Man! You never let me do anything!" Her ears were back and she was stomping along like a sullen teenager - I just wish I had a video camera to catch it. I'm sure that if she'd been able to stick out her bottom lip and pout, she would have done that too.

Just like a teenager, ten minutes later it was over and I managed to not laugh about it until we got back to the lodge, but it was freakin' hilarious!

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Allenspark Lodge said...

The bottom lip wasn't stuck out, but the lips were pursed like on a cranky old librarian.