Sunday, June 26, 2011

So. Far. Behind.

I blinked.

June has disappeared.


I have a ton of stuff to get y'all caught up on, but - as usual - am lacking in the time department.  I will get caught up soon.  But in the meantime, here are some highlights:
  • My bestie, Robs, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy last Friday, June 17th.  That just happens to be my friend Squid's birthday, so happy birthday Squidy. Robs got you a baby.
  • Ashinator left for a month to see her dad in Arizona, where it's been 110* for the last three days.
  • I didn't make it to the next stage of Top Shot.  I'm okay with that for now, but I'll give it another go.
  • I've been a shooting/riding fool, which is kinda part of the reason for my absence.  I can either spend my days outside doing gunpowder/equine therapy or I can be on the computer.
  • My work schedule has been insane.  Okay, nothing new there, but I'm actually working fifteen hours a day - don't have much time to even read a blog or two.  Usually I can find 20 minutes to lurk.
  • I've increased my workouts to 4-5 days/week at the gym (2 days/week with El Poquito Diablo) and spend one day a week riding.
The good news is that I've actually got pictures for most of what I haven't posted yet.  Bad news is I'll be creeping along posting here and there until I can find my rhythm again.


Shepherd K said...

I know the feeling. Between the amazing stink eye, work and trying to get the castle on the market, I've had no time for blogging.

Rachel said...

It's a tough life - giving up blogging in favor of horses and guns :) Miss you!