Sunday, September 4, 2011

Better Than A Poke In The Eye

...Or not.

Today, when we were breaking down our stages and putting away the target stands, I was following Mez into the trailer with a target stand in each hand.  The target stands aren't heavy at all, but they are kind of unwieldy and as I negotiated the maze in the trailer, I tripped and caught the end of the stand on a box, which caused the far end of the 1x2 to dip down.  Unfortunately, Mez chose that exact moment to turn around to head back out of the trailer.

He ducked down and grabbed his eye.  At first, I thought he'd seen what happened and was ducking to get out of the way, but then I realized that I'd hit him with the tip of the 1x2 in the face.  My heart sank.

Luckily, the wood just grazed his cheekbone and took the top layer of skin off his right eye lid.  It could have been so much worse.  I'm still appalled that it happened and so very thankful it wasn't worse.

Of course, the joke the rest of the day was that I actually like Mez and he's one of my friends.  My enemies better watch out.

On a happier note, I am so thrilled with the results I'm seeing from El Poquito Diablo and the gym.  The side match today (bonus match after the regular match is over) was a rifle stage.  Mez brought his STG-58, a .308 carbine, for us to shoot.  Empty, it weighs in at 9.25#.  I have no idea how much it weighs fully loaded.  If my run through the stage had gone perfectly, I wouldn't have needed the extra oompf. 

However, it did not go smoothly and the strength I've gained allowed me to finish the stage.  9# doesn't seem like a lot of weight, but keeping that weight balanced with my arms extended out in front of me while trying to clear the misfeeds...well, that gun got heavy fast.  By the end of my run, my right bicep was shaking and I was short of breath.  El Poquito Diablo is always telling me to breathe.  Maybe I should try it some time.

Tomorrow, I get to teach my future SIL (Junior's girl) to shoot.  (I love teaching other women to shoot.)  And I think Estes is recovered enough to go for a ride in the afternoon.  Can't wait!


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And leave it to Bill to make the ultimate comment with just two characters typed ;)

Sara said...

My roommate stabbed herself in the eye with the non-business end of a pair of scissors once.

She grabbed her eye all of a sudden and we thought she was joking, so we laughed at her. A lot.

We saw her later and she had an eyepatch.

We felt kind of bad.

Candance said...

it's wrong I'm laughing about the eye stabbing, isn't it?

You need to come to Texas and teach me how to shoot because NJ is set on getting me some pink gun that shoots real bullets.