Friday, September 16, 2011

My Cat Can Beat Up Your Dog

...and I've got the warning summons to show it (of course, my phone's not playing nicely and I can't get it to upload).

Last week a disgruntled concerned neighbor visited our home to complain that our cat attacked his dog.  His precious little Shih Tzu got beat up by our little black and white cat.

Shih Tzu?  Yes please!

I opened my mail today to find a "warning summons" for an "Animal at Large" who is a "Public Nuisance".  The officer's notes:
The cat was at large in the informant's yard and attacked his dog.
I have to tell you, my neighbor's a lot more secure in his manhood than I would have expected.  I mean, to admit - to Animal Control, no less - that my little five pound black and white ball of fluff kicked the ever-loving shit out of his little ball of fluff  dog.

Who is he going to complain to when the coyotes get ahold of his little precious?  Our neighborhood may have been recently incorporated into the city limits, but someone forgot to tell all the coyotes that they're not country coyotes anymore.


Allenspark Lodge said...

I would never NEVER tell anyone that my dog was beat up by a housecat.



Anonymous said...


Rachel said...

Oy is right.

I am stunned that someone would actually complain.

Yes, it's time to move.

Nice to know you can depend on the guy to have your back in times of danger, no?

Mr. Daddy said...

I would be stunned, but I'm not sure that you can consider a Sh@t zu a real dog...LOL

just saying....

Shepherd K said...

Everytime I hear "Shih Tzu", I have this overwhelming urge to check the bottom of my shoes.