Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's Been Awhile

Long enough, that I don't actually remember my last post.  Yeah, sorry about that.

Anytoolazytoreadmyownlastpost, I have some crazy randomness that is my family.  In fact, I told Ashinator that she may have lost her spot as the funniest (Digger is going to kill me for that comment) one-line dealer in the family.  Nebalee's youngest is only three, but dang, is she a funny kid.

Exhibit A:
While riding Estes with her, Estes gave a hefty old farmer's blow and blew horsie boogers all over the place.  I was really glad we were riding and not in front of her - we would have been covered in horse boogs.  When I told Asset that was gross, she said, "I jus' pick my nose an' eat my boogers."  Then she shrugged her shoulders, tossed her hair back and said, "I'm jus' a little girl, I can eat all the boogers I want."

Well, hell, who can argue with that logic?

Exhibit B:
During the second weekend of baking, toward the end of the day, Asset came running into the kitchen, crying.  Nebalee dropped down to her knees and asked her what was wrong.
"I jus' burned my finger a little bit."
"Let me see.  How did you burn your finger?" Nebalee asked.
"I jus' burned my finger a little bit on a flashlight."
"Well, let me kiss it better then," Nebalee offered.
"No, Mom! Kisses don't make it better! Ice does!"

Again, who can argue with that logic?  Especially if she's right.

I'm kind of thinking Asset should get her own blog, "Shit my 3 year-old niece says".  But that would be just one more blog I'd neglect, so maybe not.

Other random thing:
On the packaging for my toilet paper, it very proudly announces that it is "flushable and septic safe".  Really?  I didn't know they made toilet paper that wasn't flushable.  Hmm.  Who knew?


Shepherd K said...

Apparently, toilet paper in Mexico is either not flushable or not septic safe or so I have been informed after seeing more than a few places in south Texas where there are turd paper trash cans next to the toilets for Mexicans who have not been taught that, yes, you can flush your stinky, chocolate covered tissues here in the States.

GunDiva said...

That's just gross.

Rachel said...

And yet again... the second post is in the comments section ;)

Your little Asset is waaay too smart for her age. She should challenge Obama for 2012, hey?!

Michelle Hoad said...

maybe you should have a shit she says wednesday or something. I like to write down all the funny things mine say, but I always forget to. And I grew up in waaay south Texas, so yes, it's gross, but a necessary statement.

Mr. Daddy said...

So in South Texas, if they don't know to flush it, and there is no can?????????????