Friday, May 11, 2012

If You Can't Say Something Nice...

...don't say anything at all.

Which is why I've been so quiet lately and why you've been inundated with Ripley stuff.

What do you write about when you can't write about what's going on in your life?  My job description has changed and I'm having a hard time adjusting.  Can't really write about it - though I'd love to - because I don't know who (if anybody) from work reads my blog.

My kids (well, two of them) are adults and dealing with adult things.  Can't write about what they're going through because it's their "stuff" to deal with.

That leaves me with Ripley and pseudo-running.  So, because y'all are riveted by RCC's beautification of Rip, here are a couple of pictures of her newest additions.
Black is the new chrome apparently,
so the chrome had to go.

A couple layers of Plasti-Dip,
let it dry and... more chrome.
(Sorry for the lousy pic, the phone washed out the green)
 A long time ago, before RCC and I met, the kids and I dreamed about owning a ranch (still do) and I told them I'd name it after them - The 3 Heathens. We even drew up a "brand". RCC had the brand made as a badge, painted it alien green and added it to Ripley.

The kids' 3 Heathens brand

Digger has the brand tattooed on his forearm and I'm fixing to have it tattooed on my shoulder blade.  Ashinator is trying to figure out how to incorporate the brand into her family tree tattoo on her forearm.  Some families have family shields, apparently, we have a family tattoo.

The running thing is still going.  I started week four of Ease into 5K, which called for a four minute run and a six minute run.  I managed the four minute, but the six minute was too much mentally.  I have no doubt that my body can run for six minutes straight, but - wow - I'm having a hard time being mentally tough enough to gut it through.  I've got to get through it or I'll never progress.  The Bolder Boulder is coming up, which RCC and I will be doing, but we'll be walking it.  I do want to be able to do the Run For Your Lives Zombie obstacle course in July for my birthday, so I really have to get through this training program.  I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any...

The Bionic Cowgirl and I are going to see a Julie Goodnight clinic tomorrow as a fundraiser for the Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center; it's Mom's combo birthday/Mother's Day gift and of course the weather's supposed to be crappy, but we need the moisture, so I'll keep the whining to a minimum.  It'll be good to watch Julie at a clinic.  Though I'm part of her Colorado crew, the focus is on making the TV show work when we're filming.  I learn a ton at each shoot, but everyone is always multi-tasking, so it's not focused learning.  I've sat in on several of her lectures at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo and loved every second, so I'm anticipating an amazing day with Mom tomorrow. One of these days, I'm going to participate in one of Julie's riding clinics, I swear.  It's one thing to learn from the ground, but I'd love to ride in one of her clinics.


Michelle Hoad said...

same here. It felt like every time I started to write, it came out whiny and pathetic. Glad you found something to be able to write about. Sometimes just writing about the little things helps me.

GunDiva said...

Thanks, Michelle. Seems like there's a funk going around, doesn't it?

I'm trying to focus on happy things. Like, I just got my appointment for my 3 Heathens tattoo scheduled for May 23rd. I'm super excited about it!

Vaquerogirl said...

I had the same thing go on for me last year. My job was increasingly awful and I wanted to change the situation but didn't really want to quit. I blogged about it anyway in a non accusatory way. I finally was let go, I knew it was coming, but now I'm in a better situation- maybe it will work out that way for you too!

Anonymous said...

I don't have you on my facebook (although feel free to add me) but go search for the group Spartan Chicks and ask to be added. AWESOME GROUP for girls only fitness and the Spartan Races are so amazing. My goal to do one in the next year or so....

Rachel said...

Sorry about all the tough stuff. Glad you can find good things to focus on. Like that awesome anniversary you just had :)