Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's Easy to Make Me Happy

I hear my kids groaning right now.

But, really, it is easy to make me happy.


Last night was one of those nights that made me happy.  Jay and I went out to dinner just because.

I had a margarita with good. I was celebrating long distance with Aunt Crazy and Mrs Mom.  They had birthdays this week and so I thought it would only be fair to raise a drink in their names.  I'm such a good friend that way.

After dinner, Jay suggested we go for gelato.  Basically, without even thinking about it, we recreated our first date ;)

I ordered my usual wildberry and raspberry gelato and Jay ordered some bizarre combination - pumpkin and blueberry.  There's no accounting for taste sometimes, chef or not.

Jay's guy dished up his gelato in no time, but I was getting impatient because my guy was taking forfreakingever.  So not kidding.  I mean, how the hell hard is it to slap the gelato into the bowl?  Half on one side, half on the other, stick the biscuit in and hand that bitch across.  Not difficult at all.

I might have muttered something along those lines to Jay and then I took a look at what my guy was doing.

He was making me a rose.  I shit you not.  A gelato rose!

The picture didn't do it justice.
In fact, the pictures make it look like girl parts.
I kind of felt bad for being so snarky, even if it was under my breath, because that silly gelato rose had me smiling all night.


Mrs Mom said...

You had booze for me, I had wondermous grilled foods and cake and ice cream for you. Fair trade IMO! ;)

Gelato rose... daaang! And then the "girl parts" bit came across and I had to look again.. damn you woman.. lol

GunDiva said...

Sorry. Got my friend Angie too with the "girl parts" thing. But you have to admit, it does.

Rachel said...

Now THAT'S service! Wow!

Though I must admit... it might work better in a different less-flesh-toned color, ha ha!