Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

You may or may not know that my mother is a terrible influence on me.

Terrible, I tell you.

She's influenced me to state my beliefs; to be independent; and not to compromise with what's right.

Basically, she raised me to be a big ole pain in the ass.  You know, just like her. :)

But the area she has been the worst influence in?


Gotta love that she can rationalize just about anything when it comes to why I need horses in my life.  When Estes came available, she reminded me that paying for a horse was cheaper than paying for a therapist.  Well, considering that period of my life, she was absolutely right.

She's been 100% behind me adopting Skeeter and then started pushing immediately for a second horse.  Because, we don't want Skeeter to be lonely, do we?

See?  She's a master rationalizer when it comes to horses.  :)

I might have learned that from her, too.

Anyway, Happy Mother's Day to the best worst influence in my life.

Love you Mom.

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Allenspark Lodge said...

What a wonderful Mother's Day thing; thank you!

"I have to love you; you are my blood kin - but I don't have to like you!"

More times than the kids would have liked to hear this phrase, they did.

However, I can now very proudly say that I LIKE the adults all four of my grown children have become. I love spending time with them and the fact they invite us to do lots of stuff with them - which in my mind equates to them liking us, also.