Monday, February 16, 2009

First "Eye Contact" Anniversary

Who knew that one year ago today when I threw a major temper tantrum that it would change my life?

On February 16, 2008 I was lonely and cranky and cranky about being lonely, so I tucked the Heathi into bed and curled up with my computer to give another try. I was just one more bad profile away from calling quits, swearing off men, and becoming a crazy horse lady. I looked through all of the "new" profiles Cupid had to offer and my foul mood became even more foul; I was rejecting one after another for silly things like poor spelling, grammar, punctuation and pure lechery. I was considering closing up my computer and throwing it through the window, but thought I'd just check another page or two before I completely swore off men. I promised myself I'd send out five "eye contacts" before I gave up, but was having a hard time finding anyone that I would even consider sending one to.

And then popped up RockCrawlinChef. I read his profile. OK, the man can spell, put together a sentence and punctuate. There may have been a typo or two, but I honestly can't remember. So here I was, absolutely thrilled to find a profile of a human male, not a prehistoric male, and he loved to travel.

And shoot.

And read.

What the heck? Did someone make this guy up and why was he still on Cupid? What the hell, off went the eye contact...

I went through a couple more profiles and sent some generic hey-how-are-ya eye contacts, but couldn't get RockCrawlinChef out of my mind.

Well, there must have been something there since the very next day I received a message from him:

I received your eye contact and am interested in getting to know you better. If it makes it easier you can contact me through my email. So, obviously you are into firearms, I have a couple handguns myself and a 6mm deer rifle I received from my grandfather before he passed away. I just realized I really need to get out more and target practice. I have never done any competitive shooting, but that definitely sounds like fun. Where do you compete at? Is it all types of firearms? I love to travel as well, and would agree with you that Italy is beautiful, I went there in 2006 and visited Venice, Florence, Pisa and Rome. Didn't get a chance to make it over to the Cinque Terre, but will next time I go. I have also been to the Netherlands, Germany and Austria in recent years. My plans for my next vacation will be somewhere more tropical in nature, maybe the Pacific coast of Mexico or South America, not sure yet. Well, as I have said I would like to hear from you, and until then, ciao! RCC

From that day on we communicated via email almost daily and finally agreed to meet on March 22, 2008. The rest, as they say, is history.

I never in a million years would have believed that one temper tantrum would change my entire life...and it has, for the better. Had I not decided to give Cupid just one more try before throwing in the towel, I may have missed out on the true love of my life; the soul-mate I never really believed existed until he appeared on


J-Bird said...

I love you so, so, so much! I am happy you threw your temper tantrum and didn't give up til you found me :)

Deejo said...

Uggg! Soooo sappy!! You gotta quit reading that Tara Janzen chick! I'm glad you found your 'soulmate', but it's kinda freaky how girly you're sounding now. Why don't you go and blow something up already!?

GunDiva said...

Damn, you're right. It is time to go have some gunpowder therapy!!! I told you, Jay's like freakin' Sears - he's found the softer side of Tel.