Monday, February 9, 2009

Louisville Public Library

On Saturday I was lucky enough to get to spend the afternoon at the coolest event ever! The Louisville Public Library sponsored a gathering with Colorado authors that was open to the public. I found out about the event through my friend, Tara Janzen, who was one of the authors, but I really didn't know what to expect.

The woman who coordinated the event did a marvelous job - rather than the "panel" of authors I had envisioned, she had the authors present to small groups for ten minutes or so, and then the groups rotated. It was cozy, unintimidating, and very informational. Each author read a short excerpt from one of her books then answered questions from the guests. Guest could ask pretty much anything they wanted about writing as a career, how each writer got started, whether they plot or write by the seat of their pants...

The authors were very supportive and encouraging for those of us in the groups who want to be writers when we grow up. I came away from the event completely energized and ready to tackle my book project AGAIN!

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