Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Pajama Posse Farewell

Sunday, January 26, was a bittersweet day. One of our own Pajama Posse members, Kai (aka Hedgie Handler), gets to follow one of her life-long dreams and go to work for Raytheon in Antarctica for eight months. Why anyone would want to winter over at McMurdo is beyond me, but the entire time I've known her, it's been her dream. It's terribly sad to see her go, but thrilling at the same time because what an adventurous spirit she's got - it takes some big ole hairy cajones to spend eight months in below-freezing temperatures in the dark. I know it's something I'd never be able to do. To me it's THE SHINING waiting to happen, just thinking about it I can hear "redrum, redrum" in my mind. Probably best that I don't even consider working in Antarctica.

RockCrawlinChef cooked our farewell feast, beef tips in pinot noir sauce with root veggies and creamy goat cheese polenta. It went over so well that there wasn't any left - and he made enough to feed a small army! We spent the evening with good friends and good food - I can't think of a better send off for an amazing person even though the Pajama Posse will miss her until her return in October. Coming home to Colorado in the fall/winter will be like summer for her after living at the end of the earth for so long.

Kai's promised to keep us all up-to-date on her frigid adventure via her blog, Hedgie Adventures ( She's only been gone a couple of days and hasn't even gotten to the ice and I already want to know what's going on!

Be careful Kai, we'll miss you and see you in just a few months.

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