Friday, September 11, 2009

GunDiva Day

What a fabulous day! Finally, we managed to get together this morning for a little bit of gunpowder therapy. The weather was great, the company amazing (love you Glenna), and the shooting good. Very rarely do I ever shoot as well as I want to, but it's always a good time. We only shoot one magazine each time we go out and we drill on the basics, but as the Original Bad Boy often tells us, "slow is smooth, smooth is fast." Next week, we'll work on something else, I think. Probably rapid fire, but who knows?

I treasure the days that Glenna and I do actually get to go out - they don't occur nearly frequently enough. No matter how bad the day or week or month has been, when I return from getting my "Glenna time" all is right with the world. She's got such a wonderful, calming influence on me and I am so lucky to have found a fellow GunDiva in her. Looks like I may get more Glenna time. I'm considering a return to the gun shop one afternoon a week - with a promise from her of some of her wonderful green chili and a promise from the Boss Man of a new Para. See how easily this GunDiva can be bought? Yummy green chili and a shiny new gun and I'll sign on to do data entry.


Deejo said...

You're sooo cheap! 10 bucks of green chili and 600 bucks worth of Canadian Aluminum and you'll do anything! Who needs respect?

GunDiva said...

Yes, I know, I'm a gun whore. And it's closer to $900 US for that Canadian Aluminum, what with everyone being so afraid of Obama. I added up what it was going to cost me to customize the shotgun - I'd much rather work in trade than pay in green.