Sunday, September 13, 2009

What the French, Toast?

I don't know what overcame me this weekend.  I spent, sadly, the majority of the day sitting in my bed yesterday working on my blogs and having a grand ole time.  A friend of mine, Lisa, who I met as a wrangler, sent me a link to a writing contest.  Hell, why not?  Except that the theme is "Invisible Writing", wow.  I write, but do I want it to be invisible?  I spent the afternoon thinking about how I would write the essay for that contest.  I'm still mulling it over - I've been an Invisible Writer for a long time.  My whole life I've been a writer, sometimes my writing brain causes me problems.  I can't just see a trash bag alongside the road - nnnooooooo - in my brain there's always a dead body or body part in it.  I often see things that aren't really there.  Example, when Jay and I were in Moab there was a tall dead something-or-other on the side of the trail.  When I saw it, I would have sworn that it was a small Bobcat (the farm equipment, not the animal).  It wasn't until we were practically on top of it and the angle changed that I realized it was a dead tree of some sort.

But I digress, I have been an Invisible Writer.  Do I want to be?  Hell, no!  I think that revelation lead, in part, to today's events.  I hopped on Blogger just like I do every morning and what's sitting there but a an announcement about a writing contest.  Why not?  I read the requirements, set up a new blog for Lyon's Roar (, dusted off a piece I haven't handled in a long time, and submitted it.  When I was done with that, another post came up with another writing contest, this time a non-fiction animal essay.  Again, why not?  I've already got my Tales from the Trail ( up and running.  Why not submit one of those posts?

I won't ever be a Visible Writer if I don't put my work out there for people other than my friends and family to see.  I've got to tell you, it's terrifying.  And exhilarating.


Allenspark Lodge said...

Damn, didn't you have some sort of Michael Jackson story going 30+ years ago?

GunDiva said...

Only 900 pages of handwritten material - and it wasn't about Michael Jackson, it was about his brother, Randy. That story should have stayed invisible, thanks Bill. Also, it wasn't quite 30 years ago, I was in junior high.

Anonymous said...

Lol at the Michael Jackson comment.

y'know, I think its cool that you are getting your writing out there. I can definitely relate. Idk why, but I feel as if I have something to give to the world, and I always feel the need to get my story out there somehow. I am working on a memoir... but let's be honest, only famous people write memoirs lol.

GunDiva said...

N - if you're writing your memoirs, maybe you're destined to be famous! And it was Randy Jackson, the quiet, introspective, keyboard playing, Chopin listening brother I had a thing for (Bill!).