Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Final Countdown...

There are less than 12 hours before the beginning of NaNoWriMo and I can't tell you how excited I am.  I can't sleep because of all of the ideas floating around in my head.  One of more brilliant ideas (I think) was to go to Google Earth and get a picture of the mountain meadow that is Shelby's home.  I knew what I wanted and where it was, in fact, it's so clear in my mind that it was a little surprising not to see all of my buildings already laid out.

This is actually the property at Wild Basin Lodge, but I took it over for 3 Heathens Ranch.  The St. Vrain River runs across the top of the picture (N-S).  The Wild Basin Lodge does not exist in my book, so pretend it's not there at the top of the picture.  The ranch house, barn, bunk house and corrals are in the meadow.  The rest of the property will have riding trails and lead to the National Park.

Another one of my more brilliant ideas came just as I was falling asleep last night, but I can't tip my hand yet.  It will end up being my opening chapter, which I'll post tomorrow.

My goal for tomorrow is 5,000 words - well above the minimum 1,667 per day that is suggested to stay on track.  My hope is for a strong beginning so that on nights when I have to work until 10:00 pm, I've got some wiggle room if I can only crank out a few hundred words.

I do have to say, I'm a little nervous about juggling three different genres at the same time.  I still intend to post to Lyon's Roar (action-ish) and Tales from the Trail (creative non-fiction) while writing my NaNo, which is romance.  I'm not sure where all of this writing has suddenly come from - I guess it just feels "right" to try out all of these genres to see which one "fits".  Please forgive me if my other two blogs suffer in the face of my NaNo, but I'm really going to try hard to keep that from happening.


Stef said...

So the mad dash to the finish line has finally begun! :) How has your progress been?

I love that you have a map to go along with your story. Not only that, but your ideas for it are so detailed. Sounds like you're ready!

Good luck on the frantic writing! I'm sure you'll do swimmingly!

GunDiva said...

Thanks, Stef. Hope you're feeling better quickly. I started strong this morning at midnight with 1718 words. Just getting geared up to get started again.

Good luck with yours - can't wait to see the good stuff you're going to come up with.

Anonymous said...

do what you need to do!! I will understand =]

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1.) Fried Chicken.

2.) Don't Ask Don't Tell and how its ruining my life.

3.) Obama, and how ppl need to pull there heads out of there asses.

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Voting begins, NOW.