Sunday, November 1, 2009

Busy Day And A Big Goal Met

Whew!  The day's winding down and I'm happy to say that I not only met my goal of 5,000 words, but I obliterated it and I'm more than halfway (well, barely more) to my second 5,000 today.  I was thinking that 10,000 words would be a lot to post here, so I'm just going to give you an overview of today's work.

The wranglers arrived at 3 Heathens Ranch for Wrangler Boot Camp.  Ten women, mostly young girls, arrived bright eyed and bushy-tailed to compete for four full-time positions at the ranch.  After a couple of years doing hiring the tradional way, Shelby came up with the idea of Wrangler Boot Camp.  The applicants arrive to do what the restaurant industry calls a stage, a working interview, for a week.  And then at the end of the week, the four top applicants are offered the job.  Some of the things the applicants will be required to do:
  • unload and stack three hundred fifty eighty pound bales of hay,
  • clean and oil tack for twenty two horses,
  • de-worm and vaccinate twenty two horses,
  • spend some serious saddle time learning the trails and the horses
Also, we got a glimpse into Shelby's past and find out how Allie, her best friend, came to live with her and her three heathens at the ranch.
Surprisingly, at one point while I was writing Shelby's past, I made myself freaking cry.  WTH?  But I wiped my tears and got over it.  Hmmm.  Damn RCC putting me in touch with the softer side of GunDiva.


Deejo said...

Where do we get to read your NaNoWriMo stuff?

GunDiva said...

Well, it's not posted anywhere - I can't imaging posting that many words. So, I presume you'll get to read it in the comfort of your own home after Christmas, since that's what everyone's getting this year. I can tell you already that it's leaps and bounds better than Code Rainbow was.