Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stacy Westfall - My Big NaNo Boo-Boo

While re-reading my bareback scene, I realized that Shelby had told the wrangler applicants that she didn't expect them to turn into Stacy Westfall, who is known for her amazing bridleless bareback riding skills. 

However, I did manage to forget to have Shelby give them bridles to ride with.  They arrived at the arena with their horses in tow, a few sentences later they swung their reins (apparently they were imaginary since Shelby forgot to give them bridles) over their horses' necks and rode into the arena. Oops.  I did manage to get all of the wranglers into helmets, though (surprise, surprise, Heidi and Julie - and you thought I'd never use my helmet again).

The good news is that when I realized my mistake and fixed it, I'd added a couple hundred words to my word count.  And Shelby's wranglers don't have to ride like Stacy Westfall.


Allenspark Lodge said...

But you did give them horses, right?
Bill (word verification...plerv)

Allenspark Lodge said...

A lot of things like that are left out in some of the books I've read. I think the reader would just have assumed the horses came with bridles. I'm waiting for the romance!

GunDiva said...

Yes, I gave them horses, Bill. And is plerv, pleural pervs?

I just read a "The Loop", which was written by the Horse Whisperer guy (whatever his name is) and he had a scene in which the passenger side door of a truck is ripped off by a mad grizzly. Never got fixed in the book, but the next chapter, the main character had to unlock her door to get in the cab of the truck. Seems kind of silly to lock the driver's side door when the passenger side one is missing!

Mom, the romance is coming - you can't rush these things, I'm only on the second full day of Wrangler Boot Camp.

Anonymous said...


ok, gutter mind moment, but i couldn't get past the bareback part.

GunDiva said...

What is about boys and the phrase bareback? My friend Squid couldn't get past it either. Well, actually what he couldn't get past was when I said in an interview, "I like to mount up bareback and am worried that she'll move away from me." Nope, hadn't thought that little sentence out before uttering it on cable TV.


Anonymous said...