Thursday, July 29, 2010

An Anniversary, Random Thoughts and a Give-Away

Today's my blog's two year anniversary, almost 300 posts.  Scary isn't it? What's scarier is that I have followers. Lost one, but gained eight. I won't complain. It's better than losing eight and gaining one.  Yikes!

I spent about ten days traveling for both business and pleasure and repeatedly some random things popped into my head:
  • I love to fly in flip-flops. It makes going through security super easy and I can take them off during my flight. The only problem is that I'm always afraid that I'll lose a toe or two on the escalators, so I end up curling my toes as far up under my feet as possible. If I could retract them, I would.
  • Why is it that the upper-end hotels never have fart fans in the bathroom?  Seriously, after eating conference food and traveling, I really need a fart fan in the bathroom.  Here's a tip: even rich people's shit stinks. (Not that I'm rich, far from it, but my company puts us up in n-i-c-e hotels.)
  • While we're on the bathroom subject. Single-ply toilet paper. Really? Conference food, no fart fan and single-ply TP - is it all a cruel joke? C'mon for what you're charging per room, buy the good stuff.  Hell, even I can afford two-ply TP.
  • When we were in San Antonio there was a football coaches' conference with 15,000 football coaches in attendance.  Can we say testosterone poisoning?
  • Bedroom vanity. No, not the kind of vanity that Cosmo tries to instill; the furniture vanity. Even if I owned one, would I ever be able to find it for all the books piled on top? Even though I've got Eloise, I still read paper books and my TBR pile hasn't gone down a whole heap (or at all - it may have grown).
And to celebrate my blog's two-year anniversary...a CSN give-away. The best random travel thought comment will win a $50 CSN gift certificate, good at any of their two hundred stores. I've done a couple of reviews about products I've received from CSN and have been pleased with both the products and the service.  Get your comments posted no later than Sunday, August 1 at midnight MST.  After I've recieved all the comments, I'll post them and we'll have us a little vote-off for the best random travel thought.

PS - not a single one of you can give me any grief about my trichophobia after the comments I recieved on the ear hair post. I think I've just proven that we *all* have some form of trichophobia.


Allenspark Lodge said...

On your P.S.-
Really, having your lovers hair from the scalp wrapped around your fingers is MILES different from EAR HAIRS!

Mrs Mom said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, DIVA!!!!!!!!! You Rock ;) I heart you! hehehe

Travel related thoughts huh? *snork* You might not want mine, as they are mostly in four letter words about people, other people needing to stay the hell HOME so I can get where I'm going, and cell phones. (IE: "Might You POSSIBLY Drive Any Better, If I Shoved That D@mn Cell Phone Up Your A$$?") Yeah. Stuff like that...

Looking forward to many more years blogging alongside you my friend!!

Melanie said...

I wish I had a witty travel comment to put here....but with the way Hubby pilots on a trip I cannot think because my brain is waterlogged with urine. That happens when you are forced to ride through three states without a pee pee break you know. Oh, you didn't know? Well, now you do.
Congrats on the Blogaversary!! 300 posts....I am jealous :)

Mama Gayle said...

ROFL @ "is it all a cruel joke?" Just wanted to poor as we are right now, I will NOT sacrifice my toilet paper! I have to have the good stuff. I will by "generic" everything else, but that is where I draw the line.

P.S. Gotta love flip flops!

Domestic Diva said...

My answer: Sure! I can take my toddler on a backpacking trip through Asia.

My later thought: Am I insane? Or brave? Or both?

Dual Mom said...

Oh I have an awesome story. It's really long, involves meeting a handsome dutchmen in Amsterdam, taking a 7 hour flight with the longest, whitest, most beautiful roses in the world that were given to me by said handsome dutchmen at the Amsterdam airport. Only to arrive back in Canada to have a fat, smelly customs agent tell me I had to leave them...couldn't bring them through customs with me. Who do you think won that argument? There were tears, pouting, pleading and begging. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. I almost got arrested too. Wow, I haven't thought about that in a long time.

Now that I've totally monopolized your comment section, Happy Anniversary to you Ms. GD. And many many more.

Jennifer said...

Random Travel Thought..
"Why yes that's a mini Schnauzer in the travel tote under the seat in front of me! Why yes, I paid a solid $100 each way to bring her along. Well, no, I don't think the screaming baby up three rows cost a single cent to fly with her Momma. She doesn't get shoved under the seat, either."

a real conversation between a fellow passenger & myself after a IAH to PIT flight a few years ago. My Schnauzer, Allie, flew very quietly under the seat in front of me in her little pet-tote. The infant, however, who flew for free, screamed bloody murder the entire trip.

Mr. Daddy said...


Random travel thought EH!!!

Hey Rach, what say you to joining the mile high club????



It was just a thought DEAR!!!!!

Rachel said...

OH MY LORD... he did NOT.

He owes me a trip to HCR now!

Leiah said...

Does riding on a Houston intersate with Candance and Christy count as travel? If so, then how about this:

Candance: Really? You want to just pull right out in front of me?

Christy: Don't make me show you my pretty finger!