Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holy Cow!

The CSN Stores promotional team has graced me with $100 to review their stores/products.  I've done reviews for them in the past and loved it.  If you've never visited their website, you should do so.  They've got so much stuff to choose from, I had a hard time deciding what to spend my money on.  One "big" thing or a few "small" things?  I opted for a few small things.

After much discussion with RockCrawlinChef, we decided to choose:
  • The Hamilton Beach "Stay or Go" slow cooker.  We passed on our old faithful crock-pot to Digger last week and were in need of a new one.  What I think I'm going to like about this one is that it seals, so it won't spill all over Ripley when we take food places.
  • Fox Run Craftsman's 3-piece Pizza Stone set.  Monster unfortunately broke our last pizza stone.  I loved using the pizza stone because it kept the kids from putting their frozen pizzas straight on the rack (okay, I'm guilty of that, too).  While I don't mind the straight on the rack thing, I did just clean the oven and it was disgusting.  Anything to prevent me having to do that again!
  • Soda Stream carbonating bottles.  We love our Soda Stream and I was thrilled to see that CSN stores carried it and all of the accessories.  The one drawback to the Soda Stream is that it only comes with two bottles, so if you want a variety of sodas in the fridge, you're kinda screwed.  For $14.99, they are less expensive than buying from a brick-and-mortar store.
  • Soda Stream grape soda.  Well, why not?  It's a flavor we haven't tried yet.  The drawback is that I couldn't order just one bottle, it came in a set of five.  We'll be drinking grape soda for the next year.
I placed my order today and everything I ordered, in addition to free shipping, is guaranteed to be here before Christmas Eve.


Mr. Daddy said...

sounds like you are in the big time now.....LOL

Terry Odell said...

Very cool. I'll be interested in crock pot/slow cooker reports. So many of the new ones don't really cook 'slow' because they're afraid we'll all die if food isn't brought up to temperature fast. Long gone are the days of starting something before leaving for work and coming home to perfectly cooked food. We bought one that's supposed to be a 'slow cooker' but it still cooks too high and too fast, so we have to monitor it.

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