Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TST: Half-Naked

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One would think that as Associate Dean, I wouldn't be spending a lot of time in the classroom teaching.  In the classroom, evaluating instructors, but not teaching.  One would be wrong.   I teach every bit as much as I did before I got promoted, only it's all last-minute teaching.  As in, the scheduled instructor suddenly can't teach the class, needs the mod off, or up and quits, so in goes GunDiva to teach the class.

This past mod, I ended up teaching ECG class to two students.  At least it wasn't a big class.  But then...if it had been a bigger class maybe I wouldn't have ended up in the position I did.

Not only do Medical Assistants have to recognize normal/abnormal ECG tracings, they have to be able to acquire the ECGs.  I don't believe in teaching "hypothetically".  I don't tell my students that "hypothetically, if we had a patient, you'd place the ECG electrodes like this...".  No, I make them do it for realzies.  Usually on each other.  However, when you have a class of just two students, drastic measures have to be taken.

Knowing that they were going to have to do multiple ECGs, I planned on having them do at least one a piece on me.  I had my sports bra on and put on a lovely patient gown with the opening in the front and laid back on the bed for them to hook me up to the machine.  Each student took their turn and got good tracings.  I sat up and started peeling off the sticky electrodes and was answering questions when suddenly the privacy curtain parted and my friend and co-worker's head peeked through.

"GunDiva, I have a quick question to...OH MY GOD!  YOU'RE HALF NAKED!"  The poor kid (I call him kid, but he's only a couple of years younger than me) turned beet red. 

Now, let me tell you about Mo.  We've known each other for twenty years; he's been a friend of mine and of Nebalee's since they were in high school.  He was one of my student athletic trainers and one of my co-TAs at CSU.  We've known each other a long, long time. He was also a Coroner's Investigator for ten years and married for several years.  He's seen the female body in just about every way imaginable (including from the inside when he assisted with autopsies).

I laughed it off and said, "It's okay, I've got a sports bra on, what do you need?"

He proceeded to ask his question, but was completely uncomfortable the whole time.  At one point, I was sitting on the bed, looking at him as he stammered through his question and I just burst out laughing.  He finally said, "We've known each other a long time, and this is the most we've ever seen of each other!"  It's true, we've just been friends and as such have maintained such conventions as being clothed during all of our encounters with each other.  Now, on top of being friends, I'm his boss.  Poor, poor kid.

He did get the last word in though, as he walked back into his classroom, I heard him announce, "Well, GunDiva can't come in here to answer your questions because she's half-naked with her class."


Terry Odell said...

I remember going on some kind of tour and someone working where we were touring was a fellow darkroom class student from the community college adult education programs. Definitely a "dress down" sort of class, since it was hot and we were busy with chemicals, etc. But he looked up and recognized me and said, "I didn't recognize you with clothes on."

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Finding Pam said...

What a great story. Yes, sometimes a promotion does not feel like one.

I imagine you are a great teacher.

Allenspark Lodge said...

Gotta hand it to Mo. He had a great come-back. Tell him congrats from his 'other mom'.

Terry said...

ahhhhahahahha...too funny....poor "kid"....

Rachel said...

That would be wildly embarrassing (if I were the half-dressed, OR the observer!)

What impeccable timing Mo has! I think I would have text-messaged my communications to my boss after that, LOL!

Thanks for linking up!

Mama Gayle said...

Priceless! I am glad you could laugh it off. I always wished I was like that.
I get embarrassed way to easy.