Thursday, January 27, 2011

And Now ... A Singing Dog


And that about sums up the week. (Sidenote to Rach: the gist of it is that it's a "great day to whoop someone's ass" - his lips are hard to read and without opposable thumbs he can't sign it.)

I'm in hour 46 of my work week, with a couple hours yet tonight and a couple more tomorrow.

But...tomorrow is going to be a good day.  Why, you ask?

Because it's GUNPOWDER THERAPY DAY and...drum roll, please...Momma Fargo is guest blogging at Girls With Guns!


Rachel said...

Thanks for the sidenote ;)

You sound like you need that gunpowder therapy after a long week!

(Don't mention it to Mr. Daddy... it's been a long week here too and I'm afraid he'll drag me off to shoot stuff, LOL)

Mrs Mom said...

Remind me- somewhere in my files on this poor old machine, I have a duck one to send you. And yes, he is singing, "I'm Gonna Kick Somebody's Ass".

Totally. Hilarious. Makes me laugh so hard every time I about pee myself. Seriously.

Rachel said...

You've been tagged at our blog! :)

Mr. Daddy said...

@ Mrs. Mom that duck on is hilarious...

and don't believe Rach when we do get to go out shooting her grin is a mile wide...