Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mr Daddy, this is your fault!** - TST

True Story Tuesday - just do it!

Or, it may be the fault of my grandmother, who recently asked Digger when she could be expecting a fifth generation.

Digger, you didn't have to comply.  I'm too young to be a grandmother.  Hell, my friends are just starting their families.  And, you...you're still a baby!

It could be worse, I suppose.

It could be me who's pregnant. GAK!

A more complete post will be forthcoming.

**Ok, maybe not actually his fault, but he has been calling me Granny GunDiva for a while now.


Rachel said...

Oh girlie... you are in for a fun ride!

And no fair blaming Mr. Daddy... he has some pretty determined swimmers, but he's not THAT talented..!


You are gonna love this... does my Mom look like a Granny to you? You will totally rock it! Just think, it's awesome revenge that you get to hand the little one back to Digger when you're done spoilin'!

Shepherd K said...

So, I take it that the puppy just wasn't enough to keep them busy? Did someone not get the lecture on protection? I can't wait to hear the rest of this train wreck...Granny.

Michelle Hoad said...

You need a better name than granny. You don't look like a granny. How about GiGi or Lovey?

Brandi said...

Oh, yes... the rest of the story? ;)

I vote for Gigi or Nana.

GunDiva said...

Oh, they've been getting the birth control lecture their whole lives! All three of them were birth control failures - we're just potent folk, I suppose.

Digger: OrthoNovum FAIL
Ashinator: Ortho777 FAIL
Monster: OrthoTricylin FAIL

Trust me, they know the dangers. Now, Digger's girlfriend: DepoProvera FAIL

Kinda scary, huh?

I'm not one for "cutesy" nicknames, so it'll probably just be Grandma, though RCC has absolutely sworn off the Grandpa title and will be going by Papa. He's already informed us of that.

Shepherd K said...

So, I guess it's a little late to be pointing out that condoms AND pills working together is less likely to fail than one method alone. As to your choice in "granny" names, give it up. The kid is going to start calling you something you may not like long before you will succeed in indoctrinating them into calling you what you want. Just ask my mother how demanding to be called Grandmother worked out for her.

Allenspark Lodge said...

Great Grandpa Bill. A little redundant, don't you think?


Mrs Mom said...

HA~ Thats right--- makes Mom and Bill GREATS! Don't feel that bad Diva, they'll be feeling the pain there with you ;)

And you are going to make an awesome Gramma!!

Mr. Daddy said...

SO, Maybe this is a little off topic but how's the weather there in Colorado????


Beth Zimmerman said...

Wow! Congrats, Grandma! :)

Candance said...

Congrats?!?! If you were pregnant at the same time as his lady, you'd be a Duggar. That's just wrong.

My little great-neices call my sister Mama C cause she's a young grandma, too (she was a real young mama). Mama S? That's cute.