Thursday, March 31, 2011

Workout Randomness

I don't usually do the bullet-point posting thing, but it seems to fit with the total randomness theme:
  • With the exception of the last three years, I've been pretty fit my whole life.  I kind of took it for granted.  Taking it for granted sucks when you're trying to get back to being fit.
  • (Guys, close your eyes, you might not want to know this.) This working out thing has totally straightened out my whole wacky period thing.  I was having the most bizarre periods for the last year, to the point that I asked my doc if I could go back on birth control just to straighten it out (she said no, BTW).  I started working out and VIOLA! normal periods.  Hmmm... (Okay, guys, you can open your eyes.)
  • My boobs are disappearing.  I'm okay with that.  I'm a stomach sleeper and they were in the way. (Oops, guys, you probably didn't want to see that either.)
  • But now I have to buy new sports bras.  That sucks, because I just bought my current sports bras.
  • I see my trainer more often than I see my husband.  That makes me sad.  I really love my husband.
  • However, spending two hours a week with my trainer is making me feel better, which makes it more enjoyable to see my husband.  I don't feel all fat and nasty around RCC.
  • Well, I sometimes feel all nasty after a hard workout - I hate the sticky, dried sweat feeling.
  • RCC has lost 35# or so since January 1st. Me?  I've lost 9#.  We both had more than 40 to lose - he's close to his goal; I'm not even a quarter of the way.  That's kind of sad, too.
  • I've lost an inch from my waist, hips, calves and neck.  That makes me happy.
  • I had no idea I had a fat neck (but the double chin should have given that away).
  • My trainer cracks me up.  He's a young 'un, but we do a lot of laughing during my session.  Mostly because we're both smart-asses.
  • He invents exercises for me.  I'm not kidding, you can watch the crazy wheels spinning in that little pinhead of his.
  • That little bastard also gave me an exercise last night that he thought I couldn't do. It was a side plank with my upper leg raised off my support leg and then my free arm was doing rows with a resistance band.  I nailed that exercise!
  • The problem with nailing the exercises he invents and thinks I can't do is that he invents harder ones.
  • A couple of weeks ago, he had me do a V-up ("teasers" for you pilates folks), log roll to my stomach and do flutter kicks for thirty seconds, then log roll to my back and start all over again.  That one?  Yeah, it kicked my ass.
  • I have a love/hate relationship with the Bosu ball.  I love being able to see my balance improve, I hate some of the torture the little bastard comes up with. You can use the Bosu with the ball side up, like a FitBall or you can use it with the ball side down, like a balance board.
  • I've been doing exercises on the Bosu at almost every training session for two months - that Bosu and I, we're tight.  Except for Tuesday.  Tuesday, I fell off of it *twice* while trying to get on it.  The guy working out next to me laughed his ass off.  Okay, so did I.  The little bastard almost peed himself he was laughing so hard.  Third time's a charm - I managed to get on it and do my torture.
  • I'm not the only one talented enough to get her hair caught in a resistance band.  Last week, another one of my trainer's clients did the same thing I did, only she yanked on the resistance band and lost a chunk of hair.
  • I almost threw up when he told me that.
And absolutely unrelated randomness:
My baby girl comes home tomorrow!!!!


Allenspark Lodge said...

Your trainer and my physical therapist must be in cahoots..because he worked my little fanny off today. I think it had something to do with me saying,"My girls said you have to have me ready to ride in two weeks!" He took that as a threat.

Rachel said...

You lost me at the horse picture... I love it and am excited for you to be reunited!

I am sitting here madly jealous that you have the time and funds to have a personal trainer. And to work out, for that matter.

Living in the boonies means at least an hour on the road, plus workout, shower, and assorted related duties. There's just no way my schedule will fit that - without neglecting my redneck boys.

They'll just have to get used to me fat :)

Congrats on those 9 pounds - that is awesome (you are building some serious muscle along with the weight loss!)

Mrs Mom said...

Muscle weighs more than fat. Muscle weighs more than fat. Muscle weighs more than fat.

Got it? ;)

Geeze... I'd best watch out. You'll be kicking MY ass next time we get together!!

(And just because I know how much you love that mushy shit I subject you to now and then, I'm proud of you for the 9#, and I KNOW you'll get rid of the rest and Totally! Kick! ASS! ... HA~)

Finding Pam said...

Why is it that men loose weight so much faster than women? It is wonderful that you have lost nine pounds.

I have been working out with a trainer since Jan. She is twenty-one years old and knows her stuff. Your are right in that it takes a lot of work to get back into shape. I wish I had stayed in shape when I was your age. Now that I am sixty years old it's much harder to do they things I want to do.

Great post and I am so happy for you and getting your horse back.

Mr. Daddy said...

whats the big deal? round is a shape....*snort* ask me I know.....

I keep thinking I need to start getting in shape earlier for elk season this year...

Then I think again..... round ain't that bad.....

good for you that you are doing something about it...LOL

P.S. I closed my eyes.... :o)

GunDiva said...

I probably shouldn't call my trainer "the little bastard" since he does have the ability to hurt me, but trust me, it's nothing I haven't said to his face.

I taught some extra classes to pay for the torture, so I ought to make the best of it, but I wish I could start seeing more changes. I know they will come in time, but I'm so impatient.