Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Betty Crocker's Rampage

Oh hell, the school's having a Bake Sale.

And my inner Betty Crocker said, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

And my inner Betty Crocker said, "I'll bring stuff!"

And then my mouth opened, and the words came out, "sure, I'll donate".  Then I planned my mini-baking day with Nebalee.

We were asked to donate a dozen or two to the Bake Sale. But my inner Betty Crocker didn't care. Nope. Why even bother to warm up the ovens for just a couple dozen cookies?

This morning, bright and early, I picked Nebalee up, we hit the grocery store and loaded up on supplies then zoomed up the mountain to the lodge.  Because when we need serious baking done, only the Lodge kitchen will do.

I planned a couple of batches of magic window cookies and some chocolate Aztec cookies.  We got up there and dove right in.  The cookies kept coming and coming.  So much for a "mini" baking day.  Two double batches of magic window cookies and two double batches of chocolate Aztec cookies.

Compared to our usual baking weekend, our yield wasn't enormous, but we still cranked out dozens and dozens of cookies.  Something like fifteen dozen magic window cookies and twelve dozen Aztec cookies.

Those sonsabitches better sell.  That's all I've got to say.

(Huge thanks to Mom, Bill, and Nebalee for bailing my butt out.)

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Allenspark Lodge said...

Mmmmm. Aztec cookies.