Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Feeling A Little Anxious

You know, I'm fairly well prepared for the Zombie Apocolypse, but I am not at all prepared for the spontaneous combustion of my state.
Found this floating around Facebook. I'd give credit,
but I have no idea who created it.

With the lightning-strike fire now blazing away just west of Boulder and Colorado Springs on fire, it seems like Mom and Bill's canyon is about the only one NOT on fire.  While the High Park Fire, northwest of Fort Collins is the biggest fire in the state, the Waldo Canyon fire, west of Colorado Springs is the highest priority fire in the nation, according to the news.

Here's a slide show of the active fires in Colorado.

Mom and Bill have an evacuation plan, and we've shared it pretty much every fire season since we started blogging.  Essentially, the plan is to tag the horses with the Lodge's phone number and slap them on the ass...let them fend for themselves.  We're not the only livestock owners who are prepared to "cut fence", as several of the evacuated families did just that. 

We're fairly certain that the horses will be able to fend for themselves if they can move away from the fire.  In fact, several of the animals whose owners cut fence in the High Park Fire have found the rescuers on their own.
This horse "parked" itself at one of the fire trucks.

Ellie, the donkey, is credited with leading her herd to help.
She walked up to a firefighter and buried her head it the
firefighter's chest.
Of course, turning the horses loose is our last resort.  If we're lucky enough to get pre-evac orders (if, God forbid, there's a fire), we can haul them down to my Grandma's property.  Bill assures me he can remove the dividers in their 3-horse trailer and turn it into a stock trailer that will haul all four horses.  Estes and Ranger are small, they won't take up a whole heap of space.

Colorado's not the only state having a hard time right now - it seems all across the nation bad things are happening: tropical storms, monsoons, tornadoes, fire.  Hell, it must be an election year.

So if you're the praying type, send up a prayer of thanks for all of the firefighters and their families who are sacrificing so much right now just to try to keep us safe.


Anonymous said...

I used to live in Colorado (my family still lives there). I moved to San Diego the following year after their terrible fires in fall 2007. My friends told me about a horrible experience they had trying to evacuate their horses in San Diego. They were basically making a last stand at one of the fair grounds, but if the fire came closer they were told "there were no other options" and the gameplan was to shut the horses in their stalls and let the smoke get them before the fire did. I remembered being sickened (and still am by this) as the mother of my friend told me this story. I am firmly of the opinion that that should never be an option. In this case, the fairgrounds were about ten miles from the ocean and the freeways were all closed at the time. The mother assured me if it came to it, she would have been there getting the doors open, letting the horses have a chance. They're smart animals.

GunDiva said...

That scares me to death! What person would believe that it's better to "let the smoke get them" before the fire does and not give them a fighting chance? I can't get that image out of my head. I know that probably she was thinking if it was her in the same situation, rather than horses, she'd want to die of smoke inhalation instead of burning up. However, horses are smart - they can move away from the fire if given the chance.

2A Mama said...

Thinking about you out there! Be safe, and don your gas mask!
Praying for rain, no lightning, and for all the fires to be quickly contained.

Allenspark Lodge said...

"Hell, it must be an election year."

I guess I hadn't realized that weather could be so negatively effected by mass quantities of BS and hot air.

Makes sense, though.


Candance said...

I've been anxious for all of y'all!

Rachel said...

I was completely scared for you guys. So glad that you didn't have to use that evacuation plan!

Though I'm kind of sort of in love with those critters who found their rescuers...