Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Don't Know What To Say

Digger turns 21 today.

I am so not old enough to have a child who is 21.

I really am speechless.  I've been trying to compose this for two days and I got nothin'.  Not that I don't love my son, because I do, but how did he get to be 21?

I swear he was just toddling around making everyone smile with his Digger-isms.  Who can forget a "butt burp" for fart?  Or his imaginary dinosaur, Dinour?  Dinour got Digger in trouble a lot, especially at the dinner table.

Where did my darling little boy go?

Excuse me, while I go mourn the loss of my baby.

And, oh yeah, Happy Birthday Digger.


Mrs Mom said...

Happy Birthday Digger!!

Hang in there Diva. You still have 2 who are younger. When the youngest child hits 21, we'll go out and celebrate ;)

Michelle Hoad said...

I'm a few weeks from my oldest turning 19. He is in the fire academy to become a fireman like his Daddy. It makes my heart hurt to think of him as an adult. I think 21 might send me over the edge.

Allenspark Lodge said...

I'm a little late getting on the birthday band wagon (but only online), but I happen to think my first grandchild is still pretty special - even if he's now considered an adult. Happy online birthday, Digger!!!
Grandma Red

Rachel said...

Aww... that's an accomplishment friend... Congrats on your boy turning 21