Monday, August 13, 2012

Small Town, CO

Maybe I should say, "Small Town east of I-25, Colorado", since my parents live in a town smaller than the one RCC and I just moved into.

Our apartment is part of the upper floor of an old brick building (in case you couldn't tell from the pictures).  The lower part of the building that faces the main street houses a cafe, a flower shop, and a brand-new haircutting place.  There are apparently other apartments in the building, but ours is the only one with its own private entrance.  I haven't seen the other apartments, though I know by the cars in the parking lot that there are other residents.

On Monday, our first day here, I fell in love a lotta bit with our location.  We'd dropped the U-Haul truck off at the parts store/U-Haul place Sunday night, but they didn't have a dropbox for the key, so we took the key home with us for me to return Monday morning.

I got up, did some unpacking, and then headed over to the parts store.  On foot.  Because it was that close.  Down the stairs, around the building, across the street, three businesses east.  On the way home, I ducked into the grocery store right next door to the parts store to pick up a lighter.

Later that day, I went to the post office.  On foot.  Down the stairs, across the parking lot, along the neighbor's front yard, and across the post office's parking lot.  I've walked farther between buildings at work.

Pretty much everything we need, or might need - including two bars and a liquor store - is within walking distance.  It would actually be more effort to go down to Ripley, start her up, drive to my destination and park.  Truly.

I now understand the desire of some people to live right in the heart of downtown cities.  Everything is so damn convenient.  Except the cities themselves.  I couldn't do that.

On Wednesday, I fell a little bit outta love with our location.  We live in a small, farming community.  Did you know that rush hour for *all* heavy equipment is between 6 - 7 am?  I didn't, but I do now.

On Friday, I found that if one can pretend to ignore rush hour between 6 - 7 am, that one can go back to sleep from 7 - 8 am.  And with that little bit of knowledge fell right back in love with our place a whole lotta bit.


Allenspark Lodge said...

Small towns are great - mostly! OOps; hummers banging on the office window so I best go check the feeders. Those little buggers get downright nasty if they think you are not paying attention, but you big-city dwellers probably don't have that problem.
Bionic Cowgirl

Mr. Daddy said...

So is it a one bedroom, or two bedroom apartment? :)

just asking.....LOL

or perhaps a hotel nearby?

We would love a road trip this year,(not sure if that is possible, Butt,) LOL

glad you like your little slice of paradise:)

GunDiva said...

I know where there's a really nice place only 83 minutes from our new apartment :)

It's supposed to be a two bedroom, but it's a one bedroom and storage room for us.