Sunday, August 12, 2012

The New Apartment and the Move

The move was not completely without drama. All American, who had been staying with us for the past almost year, took off for work four weeks before we had to move. I gave both All American and Digger six weeks' notice that we were moving and that they were not going with us. They needed to get jobs, get a place and get out.

All American got a job before Digger did and dumped his almost-two year old on Digger for babysitting, which meant that while All American was at work, Digger was at home being All American's bitch and taking care of his son. Shortly after All American got his job, he went to Montana to work for a week. A week turned into four, and no one could reach him. Multiple times I tried, Digger tried, Baby Momma tried. He had disappeared.

Digger was super stressed out knowing that he didn't have a job or a place to live AND he had to get packed, so he told Baby Momma that he couldn't watch Baby All American and spent the last ten days before the move cleaning and packing.

All American finally showed up three days after we told he we needed to be out of the house. I wasn't very nice to him and asked if he'd finally come to get his shit out of the house. He said yes. RCC offered to shuttle All American and Digger around to their new "homes" the following day.

The following day came and Digger showed up, but not All American. He pulled another disappearing act. RCC got Digger settled into his new place and All American never showed. We had some run around to do, but stopped back by the old place about 8:00 pm that night. All American's stuff was still there.

I put a call out on Facebook for him to get his stuff out of the house or it was going to go to the dump. I went into work for a few hours on Friday, then went back to the old place. All American's stuff was still there, so I loaded it into Ripley. I was too cheap to take it to the dump, so it all went to Goodwill. There was some nice stuff in there, too, but I gave him ample warning. For all I know, all he has is the shirt on his back right now.

We thought we were all finished with the old place and that we'd never have to go back, but the people we contacted about picking up our old appliances backed out, so Mom, Digger and I have one last (God, I hope it's the last) trip to the dump on Thursday.

The move into the new place is finally complete.  Now we're at the dangerous stage of unpacking - we've done just enough that we have what we need for our daily lives.  It would be really easy just to pretend there's no more unpacking left to do.  Until, of course, we need something that is still packed up.

So, what's a good blogger to do?  Unpack or blog about needing to unpack?

Being a good blogger, here are some pictures of the new place :)
So the outside is nothing to look at...
BUT it is zombie-proof.
The zombies come, we knock down the stairs,
voila!  No zombies knocking at our door.
From the living room into the kitchen area
The kitchen's one of two rooms that is completely put together,
the other being the bathroom.
There's not a lot of counter space,
but there is a TON of cabinet space
Yes, our kitchen sink is green.
It is also only useful for bathing babies*,
as it's shaped like a baby bathtub.
The bathroom is the other room that is completely unpacked.
But I think it's too blue.
I might have to change that.
Can you believe I actually gave away 300 books?
It doesn't look like it, does it?
There are still a couple of boxes of books
I found that need unpacking.
More storage cabinets.
That little skinny thing on the left is our coat closet.
I think we only get one coat each this winter.
Our spare room/
appliance closet/
shooting supplies/
we don't know what to do with this stuff

Overhead storage - love this in the spare room

Shooting supplies/stuff we don't know what to do with yet.
Our room.  Not even close to being unpacked.

"Our" work clothes closet.
I kind of feel guilty for overrunning the closet with scrubs.
*There will be no babies of ours to bathe in the sink, so just get that thought out of y'all head.  It was simply to explain the bizarre-ness of the sink shape.


Funder said...

Beautiful place, I love it! Do 20 minutes (or one box) of unpacking every single night, no matter how sick of it you are. Eventually you will get done. I know it sounds totally simpleminded, but that's what worked for me, just telling myself that if I did one box a night eventually I'd get done...

Mr. Daddy said...

good thing you clarified the baby thing...:) *snort*

GunDiva said...

You were on my mind when I clarified the baby thing, Mr. Daddy. I put that in just for you.

Candance said...

Ohhh, I LOVE it!! I want to live there and write books and wear sweaters and drink coffee out of big cups. Alone, like the crazy cat lady just minus the cats.