Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 Resolution #2

Continue writing, which really isn't too hard, but I really need to get my act together and join a writing group or continue with the Loco FoCo Wrimos.  Jay and I have decided that we'll be staging our own write-ins once a week some place other than home.  We both have fabulous starts on our novels, and by God, we're going to finish.

We're going to shoot for 1,500 words a week each, and my blog words don't count.  It has to be 1,500 words per week on my novel until it's complete and then revisions start.

My other goal is to submit my query letter for Tales From The Trail by the end of January.  The publisher warns there's a four month turn around on queries, so I really don't have a whole heap of time to get my act together.


Jen said...

That is a great resolution!

Stopped by from SITS.

GunDiva said...

I may have to amend my query goal, as my dear friend and fellow Gun Diva, Glenna, agreed to help me, but that won't be until after she finishes her book and gets back from Hawai'i. My new goal will be to submit my query by the end of February. I'd rather submit a good one than a half-assed one, so it's worth the wait.

Boyles Family Farms said...

You go with all these resolutions. 1500 words a week is big, BIG, stuff, and an excellent goal. I'm not sure I have the energy to resolve anything this year. Or maybe I'm still in a holiday sugar coma and am not thinking straight.

GunDiva said...

I kinda feel like 1,500 a week is cheating after NaNo, when I could crank out 1,500 in an hour. However, it is no longer November and I can't continue to ignore my real life.