Sunday, December 6, 2009

What A Nice Surprise!

Nathanael over at This Is How It Feels has honored me with a bit of blog bling, and what a great surprise it was!  Nathanael and I "met" when he was honored with the Honest Scrap award by Monda over at No Telling, I jumped over to his blog and fell in love.  We were both then honored by Monda when we were included in EasyStreet Prompts' Blog Carnival.

When I think about the people I've "met" via blogging, it's rather mind-boggling.  The internet, I know it's been said before, has opened up whole new worlds.  Where else would I have met a gay solder serving in Baghdad or a Southern gal with a passion for writing or another wickedly funny Southern gal or an endurance rider from California?  There are so many people that I've met through blogging that I would never have had the opportunity to meet before.  It truly is astounding.

The rules, as have been explained to me by Nathanael are:
1.) grab the award (check - see above)
2.) post it on your blog along with five things you love to do (Oh Jeez, just five.  I'll have to think about that.)
3.) five others you want to recognize... (Again, only five?)
Things I love to do: (in no specific order)
  1. Ride my horse, Estes.  You can find the story of how I fell in love with her over at my other blog, Tales From The Trail
  2. Blog.  Well, write.  I love to write, and blogging is an easy way to connect with people I wouldn't normally get to meet.  I also love my morning blog crawl and can't get through my morning without it; it's my equivalent of reading the morning paper, I guess.
  3. Shoot.  Hence the name Gun Diva.  I love the feel of a controlled explosion, which is all shooting really is.  And, hey, I'm pretty good at it.  My friend and fellow Gun Diva, Tara Janzen, is a rifle shooting queen.  Me, I love the handguns.
  4. Read.  This kind of ties in with #2; part of blogging is reading.  I get to read small, bite-sized stories daily and look forward to them, but I also love novels.  Really, anything with words.  Hell, I even read shampoo bottles.
  5. Work.  I really do love my job and the people I work with; I can't imagine doing anything else.
Recognize Five Others... (again, in no specific order.  Nathanael, you know I'd send this back to you if I could.)
  • K. Erickson at Preachers and Horse Thieves.  He was awarded Editor's Pick for the 1st edition of EasyStreet's Blog Carnival.  I jumped over to his blog and immediately followed.  I love his writing and his dedication to his wife.  Here's a man who is head-over-heels in love with his wife and isn't afraid to post it for the whole world.  Oh, and he's got some great stories, too.
  • Monda at No Telling and EasyStreet Prompts.  She's a great storyteller and I look forward to her posts everyday.  I'm not sure how I stumbled upon No Telling, but I enjoy it immensely.  And, of course, EasyStreet Prompts has a place in my heart, as my Honorable Mention (posted over at Lyon's Roar) was my first ever blog bling.
  • Candance at Crazy Texas Mommy.  I love this woman!  Her posts are guaranteed to make me laugh.  Everyone needs a little CTM in their life.  Imagine my surprise when I was talking to my brother in Arizona one day and he asked if I'd ever read CTM.  We both found her blog at about the same time and fell in love.  Shortly thereafter my step-dad started following CTM, so now it's kind of a family cult thing.  So...that sounds a little creepy.  Didn't mean it to come out that way.
  • Roxanne at Pet Blog.  Her stories about Verne the horse trader keep me in stitches.  I love the way she's able to bring his stories to life in so few words.
  • Bill and Juanita at It's A Horse Life.  Okay, so there's a bit of nepotism here, they are, after all, my parents.  And I was the one who not only talked them into blogging, but set it up for them.  It started as just a way to share some of their favorite stories and recipes and stay in touch with their guests, but they're really taken it and run and their hits counter is burning up. 
That was tough, only choosing five.  Please check them out; I think you'll enjoy them.  And be sure to tell them I said 'hi' when you stop by.


Anonymous said...

don't worry about it GunDiva. It's all good! Lol. I can't wait to check out your picks!

Anonymous said...

p.s. how do you put the "blog bling" on ur profile?

GunDiva said...

I don't know the "right" way to do it, but I go into layout and add a gadget, then choose add picture. It gives you the option of a title and description; that's where I typed in Blog Bling, then I just keep adding new pics below it. I'm sure there's an easier way, I just don't know what it is.

Welcome back to the U.S., by the way.

Candance said...

Thanks, Lady!! I am honored and I love, love, love that your family follows me!! That is the coolest thing I've heard all day!!

I will proudly post this award as soon as I make it back to my blog. Hopefully later evening because I've received word that my silverware has been located! YAY!!

GunDiva said...

Candance - I'm so glad you located your silverware! Now, just don't be forking any students in the eyes with it!

K. Erickson said...

I really appreciate the honor. It's nice to know your efforts are well thought of. I'm still relatively new to the whole blogging world thing, and, like you, I've had a great time connecting with people I otherwise wouldn't have met. I've just recently (today) started officially following Nathanael even though I've read his stuff off and on for awhile. Candance at CTM is also one of my favs.

K. Erickson said...

This is probably cheating, but I nominated you as well.

Paul Wynn said...

Just perfect! I envy you.. i wonder how much that picture is worth since its a million years old.. pilgrims have style