Friday, December 11, 2009

Colorado Car Starting Attire

It's been COLD recently.  Even for Colorado winter, it's cold.  So for your edification...a tutorial on proper Colorado Car Starting Attire.*

Let's start with the boots, worn for two reasons: 1) easy on/easy off function - no tracking snow through the house - 2) the snow has to be really deep to fall inside - while not warm, toasty feets, at least dry feets.

Next, the ever sexy running pants circa late 1980s (yes, I've had them that long).  Again, two reasons: 1) they slip down into the easy on/easy off boots, so no snow gets stuck in the cuff (so I'm short, I have to cuff my scrubs) and 2) I can go back in the house, kick off my boots and pull on my scrubs or jeans over the top and be toasty warm.

Big fluffy coat that covers my butt.  'Cause there ain't nothin' worse than a cold ass. (Not even a dumb one.)

Gloves.  Have you ever stuck your hand to the car in sub-freezing weather.  'Nuff said.

Dry hair is preferable, but not required if you don't mind frozen hair.  But it's just hair, it'll thaw.

Now, some of you who follow my Tales From The Trail blog may realize that the Car Starting Attire sounds very similar to the Bear's In The Dumpster Attire.  Very astute.  It varies only by the britches (flannel jammies vs. running pants) and the state of the hair (clean and combed vs. bed head).

*The pictures are a tad fuzzy because of the frost on the inside of the door - my eldest son was too wussy to open the door for the pictures.


Allenspark Lodge said...

So, if you wanna be hot, dress like it's cold?


Anonymous said...

Love it.

ok, confession time. I am that person that is always freezing because they were trying to look cute rather than dress warm! LoL.

I have to work on my Winter Wardrobe, New York is FREEEZING!!!

K. Erickson said...

If I ever move to Colorado, I'll be sure to remember your sage advise. I can hear from the Queen now...."Honey, does this outfit make my butt look big?"

GunDiva said...

Nate, yeah, you're acclimated to desert now. You might want to adjust your wardrobe.

K, just assure the Queen that of course her butt doesn't look big. Besides, if you get her a butt-covering coat like mine, you just blame the coat.

Boyles Family Farms said...

Nothing wrong with wearing common sense out the door. It was COLD out!