Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010 Resolution #1

Be healthier.

I'm trying hard not to say "lose weight", 'cause that's what I say every year, and only one year I succeeded.  I managed to lose 28 pounds and keep it off for a good while, but then it snuck back up and then some.  So bye-bye 124 pounds, hello 60 pounds more than that.  Side note:  I just can't bring myself to type my actual weight, so you'll just have to do the math

Yet, despite not saying I'm going to lose weight, I joined the Lose It Bitch challenge, which runs from January 2 through April 30 (I think - rules and dates haven't been formalized yet), which means that every Wednesday I'm going to have to post a picture of what my scale says here on my blog.  God, the humiliation and torture.

How am I going to do this without torturing myself to death?  Well, I sure the hell don't intend on starving myself to death...that doesn't work any way.  I've tried, but I don't have the will power to do it.  So, I guess I'll have to start with cutting my Coke intake down.  And maybe my dining out at lunch intake down.  And absolutely no Chinese food on Tuesdays, the day before weigh in.  God, that salt swelling'll kill you when you get on the scale.

And *heavy sigh*, I'm going to have to start actually using my gym membership.  I don't really mind working out - it's not my favorite thing in the world - but it's not as fun as playing sports.  However, I'm in no shape to play sports, so the working out thing has to be my starting point.  I'm shooting for a minimum of three times a week for at least thirty minutes.  I really like (when I have time) thirty minutes of cardio and thirty minutes of lifting, but I'm not sure how I'll eek out an hour at the gym.

I think that RockCrawlinChef will even join me at the gym, so I'll have some on-hand support.  Heck, if this works out, I might even be in good enough shape to tackle an over-thirty soccer league this summer.  Man, I do miss me some soccer.

And, honestly, it'll feel good to let my inner Michelle Rodriguez out.
Now that's what a GunDiva's supposed to look like!


Dual Mom said...

You go girl! I have every confidence that you'll have Michelle's abs (oh my god what I'd do for those abs...seriously I would give away my first born) in no time!

Your plan sounds great and you are dead on with the exercise...it makes ALL the difference.

GunDiva said...

Thanks, Dual Mom. I'm trying not to make it too painful, otherwise I won't stick with it. So if I want a Big Mac, by God, I'm going to have one, but I'll compensate at the gym. I tried a calorie restrictive diet for almost a year, lost nothing and was not a nice person. Rather than subtract things from myself, I'm going to add a biggie: exercise.

JennyMac said...

Love your plan...and that scale made me laugh out loud.

The Mom @ Babes in Hairland said...

I love that scale! That's awesome! Going to have to look into that. Good luck with your resolutions - I think blogging about them helps, because if you write them down, you're more apt to follow through. Just stopping by from SITS to welcome you aboard! Have a Great New Year's Eve!

Anonymous said...

Rawr! Michelle Rodriguez is Hella Sexy! You can do it!

P.s. you should probably RAISE your coke intake if you want to lose alot of weight... that always works for me....

oh, you were talking about soda, weren't you.

(just kidding just kidding)

Candance said...

You're going to post your actual weight every week on the internet?!?! You're a brave woman!!

Good luck!! I'm excited to see your progress!

GunDiva said...

Some women would prefer to post their "before" pictures. They're the brave ones. Trust me, I'd much rather post a picture of my scale than my fat ass.