Thursday, April 7, 2011

The *Real* Story Behind The Ashinator

Some of you may have read this post about my daughter setting back the women's movement 50 years with her statement to my mom and Bill.

Number 1 - She told Bill not to say a word about it, so what did he do?  Immediately blogged about it!  Way to go, Bill!  You get extra blogger points for that one.

Number 2 - Some important information was left out.  Important, such as...she was "baking" cookies by taking Mom's pre-made frozen cookie balls out of the freezer and putting them on the cookie sheet to put in the oven.  There was no domestic bliss going on there.  We're talking about the girl who finds frying up a hamburger patty too much work and she'd rather not eat.  Her children are going to starve, just sayin'.

After I got the whole story, I felt so much better.  I was beginning to worry that Ash was sick or something - baking is not her favorite thing to do.

But she still can't change her own oil - neither can her father - so she's obviously a genetic mix between the two of us.


Rachel said...

Still loving that Bill blogged it :)

Now that's one diet that I haven't tried... "too much work to cook" :)

Beth Zimmerman said...

She certainly sounds like a modern woman! :)

Allenspark Lodge said...

After she found out I blogged on her, she called and told me "Ger-ANN-paw! I have a bone to pick with you. You told the WHOLE WORLD! If I ever murder anybody, I'm sure not gunna tell YOU!"

Guess I'll have to find out from the D.A. like THE WHOLE WORLD will...

;) Bill

Angie N said...

So, where can I find this blog of Bill's??

Michelle Hoad said...

I just posted about my son and I have a feeling he's not going to be thrilled about it. When i took the picture, he said, "what, are you going to blog this?" I figured that was him giving me permission.