Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ripley Gets More Presents

The surprises just keep coming in from RCC.

First was the absolutely kick-ass 3rd brake light...

Then, a week later, a custom-made gear shift boot...

And then, yesterday while I was at the 9HealthFair, he installed an SSD Strut Tower Brace...

Now, you may or may not know that I'm kind of a car girl.  Not a true gear-head, though I married one.  More of the breed of car girl that truly enjoys driving - really driving - and understands basic mechanical stuff.  I've always had an appreciation for classic American Muscle (totally Mom's fault, BTW).  And by appreciation, I mean they make me all hot and bothered.  What I would give for an old school GTO. *sigh*

Anyway, Ripley is not even close to being American Muscle.  Heck, she's not even close to being Korean Muscle (is there such a thing?).  But she is a blast to drive and I've been known to run the canyon to the Lodge at, oh, I don't know, thirty over or so.  While I enjoy the hell out of running the canyon, Monster has complained more than once about the amount of body roll on the curves.  Apparently, going up the canyon at 70 mph or so around the curves isn't as much fun for my passengers as it is for me.

The SSD Strut Tower Brace has tightened up the steering and significantly reduced the sway.  Ripley hugs those curves now like she was made for it.  As much as I loved running the canyon before, I can't believe how much more I enjoy it now.  In fact, I had such a good time test-running the curves around Horsetooth that RCC and I made an impromtu trip to the Lodge last night.

I'm still on a driver's high from the run up and down the canyon.


Mr. Daddy said...

Korean muscle car...*snort* now there is a concept...

glad you had fun on the ride.:o)
or should I say drive???? LOL

Maggie said...

Ohhh I love the brake light. The rest of it is lost on me, but I love the brake light.

Cars are beyond me. It's shameful.

Mrs Mom said...

Dude- RCC-- yer bucking fer... yeah umm I'll quit now and email ya. Yer Mom reads this blog! LOL

We can second Monsters roll issue ;)

Oregon Sunshine said...

I, too, love driving like you. And I love American Muscle Cars. And you said "GTO". My ears really perked up for that!

On my rare days off of work in AK, I'd often drive 3 hours one way just to walk on the beach for an hour or two before driving home again. In reality, it was all about the drive. Not so much about the beach.

I can really appreciate some vehicles more than others. I love driving! I adored Bad Pants' VW Passat with turbo that he had when we first married. That car could have easily gotten me into trouble! I adored a Marine friend's Nissan Pulsar, that he left with me every day he went to work on base and made the ex, The Marine, drive them both onto post in our Camry. Oh did I love that Pulsar!

I loved my Bronco. Not for it's handling abilities or speed so much as for the sheer beefiness of it. And I really loved my bestie's K5 Blazer, complete with 6" lift and 35s. More than one guy's head would snap back around when GIRLS stepped outta that bad baby!

We have begun to slowly look for a project car now. We've toyed with the idea of a Porsche 944, a Spyder, a sweet little Miata along with some American Muscle. But first, we need our own house, so we have somewhere to put our project and somewhere to work on it.

Ripley is a lucky, lucky vehicle! Enjoy your runs up the canyon!

Tiffany said... still my heart.

I wonder how well that brace would work on my minivan rocket ship.

Allenspark Lodge said...

Next, I'll be painting a daisy on the top of Ripley so I can identify her floating down the river one day...but what can I say...I'm the one that was racing the GTO. Oh, the by-gone days.

GunDiva said...

@Maggie - the bar just forces the suspension to do its job by removing the amount of flex in the body, which makes for a smoother ride. Not as much of a floating sensation around the corners.

@OS - You probably had one of the old school Broncos, right? The totally BA ones that make my nipples all hard. RCC and I had dreams of having his/hers S2000s, but we'd each only have our license for approximately 24 hours after we bought the cars, so we've decided against it. Ripley's got some more upgrades coming too: new springs that will lower her suspension about an inch, a new cold air intake, a throatier exhaust. You know, little things that you can't really see, but that will make her breathe better. And when she can breathe better, she can go faster!

@Tiffany - I love it. You should check it out for your minivan :)

@Mom - it's all your fault

Anonymous said...

@GunDiva- Why yes, yes I did! Unfortunately, I was stupid and left it behind for an old roomie to use when Bad Pants and I were married. I never saw or heard from the roomie again and it was too much work to track down my Bronco. I miss her!

Deejo said...

The strut bar is a great upgrade. I haven't driven Ripley, but the mags all said the Soul handled better than it's competition (Cube, xB, Etc.). I'll bet she rails, now. RCC--Urethane bushing kit. Huge "bang for the buck" in canyon upgrades ;)

Korean muscle is called Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Moooovin little beast! And rear drive, to boot.

Gonna have to work over the old Subie to keep up with you now.