Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Whole Lotta Fun

Or, one of my ideas of fun.

Our family refers to the drive up to the Lodge as "going up the hill" (not to be confused with "going out on the mountain", which means going for a ride).  I'm not sure where that came from, but for the more than thirteen years our parents have owned the Lodge, it's always been "going up the hill".  The phrase is deceptive as there is a 3,145 foot gain in elevation from Lyons to Allenspark in a mere 17 miles (or 16 depending on which road sign you're reading).  Now, Mrs Mom and Mr Mrs Mom have been with me during one of my more sedate runs up the hill, but the fact is I *love* driving the canyon.  Even in my old Honda Accords (there have been a lot of them), we made good time running up the hill.  I've had sports cars pull out of my way when I'm running the canyon.

Ripley does a great job of going up and down the hill and has done an even better job now that she's got her strut tower brace.  RCC videotaped our run up the hill on Saturday as one of his entries to the monthly video contest held by SoulHamsters.  Since I had such a good time driving it, I thought I'd share it with you.  From Hall Ranch, just outside of Lyons, to Allenspark our average speed was 65mph (around the curves), with our low being 55 when I mis-timed a downshift and lost momentum and our high being just over 70.


Allenspark Lodge said...

So THAT'S what it looks like! I mostly do it with my eyes shut...


Rachel said...


And you know I have to ask this (law enforcement agency and what), tell me there's no speed limit up there?!?!

Mrs Mom said...

Yeppers- that looks about like what we were feeling on our ride up. After dark. In the rain. With fog rolling in. (And you say THAT was sedate! HA~)

So are there still butt cheek clench marks in the back seat from Mr Mrs Mom's trip up? ;)

Shepherd K said...

Blogger says my first attempt at a comment was published, but I don't see it anywhere. Stupid comment form went to an error screen before it saved I think. So, if this is a duplicate, I apologize.

I started watching the video, but I got bored after 5 minutes.

1) For a canyon run, it's too quiet. There needs to be some tunes, or a bitchin' exhaust note, or the screams of your passengers, or something.

2) It looks like Ripley handles nicely, but I'll take a motorcycle over a car for handling anyday.

3) I bet I can beat your best time.

4) I'm thoroughly jealous that you live in such a beautiful area. By comparison, Dallas/Fort Worth looks like a pool table.

5) You drive like a eunuch.

6) Get busy with writing a review of Ripley already.

GunDiva said...

Shepard K -
Bite me :)

1) She's just so quiet. We'll fix that with her new exhaust.

2) RCC sold the motorcycle :( The canyon's a total blast on two wheels.

3) Bring it.

4) Congrats - I heard that the Texas speed limit got raised to what my grandmother drives - now she won't have to run y'all over.

5) Eunuchs don't get any - they have to drive like bats outta hell.

6) Okay!

Shepherd K said...

I don't bite...I just nibble.

1) I'm not sure making a car's exhaust louder is really considered "fixing it" as much as it's really "breaking" it.

2) My Buell was a casualty of the mighty budget, too. This will be rectified once the budget allows.

3) It's on like Donkey, where do you live?

4) The speed limit got raised? Really? Funny, I didn't know we had one.

5) Eunuchs don't drive like bats out of hell because THEY HAVE NO BALLS.

6) I'm holding my breath.

Deejo said...

Shepherd K--You should have watched a little longer. Ripley was howling like a banshee later on.

GunDiva--always a fun canyon run. The kids get all weird on me when I slow it down to a 'sedate' pace, though. 140 HP is fun, but 240 HP is downright addicting. Hard to stay out of it on the Sorrie! I'd like to see a nice bumper cam setup of Ripley tearing through the Narrows on Poudre Canyon. THAT would be award winning!

Glad to see you're enjoying yourself--even in the cold and rain.