Sunday, January 8, 2012

We're Thinking of You, Mr. D and Rachel

I wish I could take credit for the new button on my side bar, but credit goes completely to Foursons and My Four Bubs

Rachel and Mr. Daddy, this is just a little something to let you know we love you and we're thinking of you. Hopefully it will bring a smile to your faces.

If anyone would like to steal the button to post on their own blog, please feel free.  Just copy and paste the code under the picture.


Mr. Daddy said...

Sheesh, looks like I've hit the big time now Mable....LOL

Thanks Tel, I can't wait to meet you and Beel and Juanita and hug your necks and if it would make RCC uncomfortable I would settle for a hand shake....LOL

you guys are the BEST!!!!!!

Dreaming said...

Thanks for following my blog.
Some day we will need to get together!

Rachel said...

I still love love love that you posted that button. Thanks so much for getting me through that awful waiting room experience.