Sunday, January 1, 2012

Resolution Check-in

I thought I'd look back at those pesky old resolutions I had for 2011 and see how well I did with them.  Should be interesting.

#1 Be healthier.  My goal was to lose 40# by my 40th birthday.  FAIL!
#2 Write, write, write.  Finish HUNTED LYON.  WIN!  Start on LYON'S ROAR.  FAIL!
#3 Spend more time with my little girl.  WIN! Never mind that some of that more time was 'round the clock care when she colicked, but it still counts.  And I *did* take exactly two riding lessons to learn how to cue better.
#4 Continue my Master's program.  FAIL!
#5 Be a better person. DRAW.  There were times when I had a handle on it, and there were times when I failed spectacularly.  Like when I told my big boss that he was screwing our students over by taking away a classroom for our free GED program.  What I said: "I think our tuition-paying students are getting screwed by losing that classroom."  What I should have said: "I'm concerned about how our tuition-paying students will react to the loss of a classroom, and subsequently, the decrease in the number of classes we can offer each mod."  However, that was the biggest foot-meet-mouth moment I had with my boss this year, so maybe I should call it a win.

I don't feel too badly about my 2011 resolutions.  Maybe when I look back at my 2012 "goals", I'll feel even better.

How's everyone else feel about their 2011 resolutions?  Did you meet them or not?  Was it a draw year, like mine?


Mrs Mom said...

I think the only 2011 resolution I had was "Survive the year".

Which we did.

And I'm not so sure I want to make any for 2012.... Huh. Looks like procrastination is at it again ;)


Allenspark Lodge said...

I like your idea of checking back in on previous resolutions - but that means I would actually have to write them down so I would know what they were! Maybe I will try that this year. I need to start with: NO MORE BIONICS! (a suggestion from my physical therapist, but a sound one)