Sunday, January 15, 2012

The EL/EM diet vs the EM/EM diet - WTF?

Beel, for years, has said he's going to make a million bucks by writing a book called the EL/EM diet.  That would be, Eat Less/Exercise More diet.  Which is the key to losing weight, but it's not what people want to hear.  We all want a quick weight-loss solution, which is why it's a multi-million dollar industry.

The EL/EM diet worked for me for 26#, at which point I plateaued with a lot of pounds to go.  My body said, "I'm happy where I'm at, thankyouverymuch."  And I said, "I don't give a damn, I need to lose more weight."  And, well, we got into a bit of a snit with each other, with the body winning.

And then I got the Bodybugg; I could track calories burned, which I did for six weeks, but I never really bought into the whole food diary thing.  And I stayed plateau'd.  My body told me, "Nanner, nanner, nanner, I told you I'm happy where I'm at."  At which point, I said some very not pleasant things to my body, who smuggly gained five pounds just to make her point.  She's a real bitch, that one.

So I took my problem to my fellow Buggers (yes, that's what we're called) and they told me I now had to follow the EM/EM diet.  Eat More/Exercise More diet. 




Seems counter-intuitive, but the way it was explained to me makes perfect sense.  At some point, you're body's going to stick it's tongue out at you (I told you she was a bitch) and plateau.  She's found some sort of balance, but it's a tricky balance.  You decrease what you eat (Eat Less) and increase your exercise (Exercise More), which in turn increases your caloric deficit (what you burn - what you eat = deficit).  Make that deficit too big (over 1,000 cals/day) and she goes into starvation panic mode.  Instead of burning calories, that crazy bitch your body starts storing calories and the scale begins to creep up.

The fix?  Promise the crazy bitch your body that you're not starving her to death and start giving her more calories to burn (Eat More), then start burning those calories (Exercise More).

I increased my caloric intake by 400 calories/day and increased my calorie burn about 300 calories/day and dropped 2.5# in one week after being plateau'd for almost six months.

Seeing that loss has energized me in a way nothing else has been able to.  I'm actually enjoying going to the gym (but I miss The Little Bastard El Poquito Diablo like you wouldn't believe) and seeing my progress on the Bodybugg program.  In fact, as soon as I wrap up my posts here, I'm headed to the gym for an hour and I'll go back tonight when RCC gets off of work.


Allenspark Lodge said...

Aack! My daughter's been taken captive by the gym. I knew she'd become addicted to exercise. I played frisbee with Jesse and ran her around the big corral at the livery today. Does that count? Maybe all you kids could get together and get Mom a Bodybugg for a birthday present. Hint, hint. I'd love to see the caloric output here. Then again, I would probably gain weight because I would eat MORE .. and there's that food diary thing. I guess I will leave well enough alone. Congrats on getting things turned around.

GunDiva said...

Hey Mom, remember that cool little device your eldest got you for your hip surgery? The little white one in the blue cover? Yeah, that one. That's your birthday/Christmas present from now 'til eternity.

Your other three chillins, though, they can get you a Bodybugg for your birthday :)

(Like how I threw them under the bus there? It's a lot like when we were kids.)

Michelle Hoad said...

I'm following the eat more/sit on your ass all day plan and I'm not losing a single pound. No fair.

Mel said...

Gun Diva - So glad you posted this! Yes, like everyone says it IS calories out versus calories in, BUT it's so much more complicated - we aren't machines. And then there's that whole complicated factor that trying to burn too many calories a day will actually make you hungery, no matter what calories you are consuming which in turn may also cause a platue! So frusterating. I'm getting back into shape after taking most of last year off and it's been interesting :). Keep up the good work!