Wednesday, February 15, 2012

4th Eye Contact-iversary

February 16 marks the day I threw my best temper tantrum ever and as a result met RockCrawlinChef.

You can click on the link if you want all of the gory details, but the fact is, I've got pretty much the best husband on the planet.  My life has changed so much in the past four years - all for the better.

OOO-eee, I was a cranky bitch before I met RCC.  Like, scary cranky.  I joke that he's like Sears - he's found the "softer side" of GunDiva.  (CTM, please don't hold the Sears reference against me, I know how you feel about the company.)

I still have a tendency to be a cranky bitch, but it happens less often.  And almost never when I see jewelry commercials now.  Holy cow, I don't know how my kids put up with me between October and February all those years I was single - those are the worst times to be single.  Everything's "couples this" and "couples that" and "if he loves you, he'll buy you diamonds".  Gah!  I still get twitchy at the commercials, but they don't make me want to put a bullet in my TV set anymore.  See?  Progress.

Anyway, RCC, I love you.  Thank you for responding to my "eye contact" and saving me from being a crazy(er) horse lady.


Candance said...

I wont' hold it against you-this time. Glad you met your honey and are getting your happily ever after!! I will probably go read the story even though I've probably already read it because I am trying to do anything other than the huge paper I should be doing since it's due Tuesday.

Rachel said...

I still love that story. And it cracks me up that y'all got engaged so quick. But yeah... "I think you might make a good match" :)