Friday, February 3, 2012

Snow Day?

While I'm not one to complain about an unexpected day off of work, 6 inches of snow didn't used to be enough to shut things down.  I know other parts of the area got hammered.  I heard Compass grumbling about two feet and still falling up in Allenspark. 
Compass' dog, Ingrid.
You can almost see her.

The livery.
The hitch post is four feet or so high.

Haven't called Mom and Bill yet to see what the total is...hang tight, I'll find out...according to Mom, she had 31 inches (up to her hips) at morning feeding. It hasn't stopped snowing since, but she promises to get pictures up soon and some new measurements.

I had some grandiose Snow Day plans.  Free time to do some revisions on HUNTED LYON, sleep, workout,  maybe sleep some more.

What have I done today?

Well, I slept until 9 am.  Got up and opened the computer with every intention of opening the book and diving into the revisions.

But first, I had to check my email.

And then Facebook.

And then the blogs.

Which reminded me that I had a post I wanted to put up on The GunDivas.  So I wrote that.

Then I checked the blogs again.  Who knows?  Maybe someone had put up something new.  No?

Well, I haven't heard from Rachel in a while.  I'd better check her blog.  Oh, my, I was behind.

Every blog I checked, I was at least a week behind on.  So I had a lot of reading and commenting to do and that took a fair bit of time.

And then I remembered that I had a second blog half-written for The GunDivas, better finish that one.

And check Facebook.

And check my email.

And here it is...5:10 pm and I've yet to open the file for HUNTED LYON.

But now it's time to dig out and go to the store.  I've a hankering for Green Chile Stew.

So...what have you gotten accomplished today?


Oh! Oh! Oh!  I just realized that my next blog post is #500!  What on earth should I do for my 500th post?


Allenspark Lodge said...

Let's see, I think I started the day bringing in a couple days worth of wood (in place of exercising-ha!), then I finished packing up the outdoor Christmas decorations for the lodge and got them put away; made some jello and put chicken on to boil for homemade soup (Bill is a little on the punk side today); fed the horses then came back for a snow shovel and shoveled a path to the road (tired of wading hip deep in the glorious snow - try carrying a bale of hay that way!); dusted the lodge for guests - who MIGHT brave the storm; vacuumed up all the crap that has found its way inside lately; and about 4:00 pm decided I was done, so hit the hot tub with a good book until time to head back out to the horses. So I guess I had a fun snow day!

GunDiva said...

Even on one of your lazy days, you out-work me.

But I'm glad you have your new hips to be wading around the snow in; last year worried me to death.

Mr. Daddy said...

snowmaggedon just doesn't want to give it up....LOL be safe out there.. we are still cleaning up around here...

Rachel said...

Your mom kills me. Your day sounds like the kind of snow day I want!

Unfortunately, we missed the fun part of Snowmageddon. It's only fun until the power lines come down ;)

And BTW - you weren't the only one behind... I'm desperately trying to catch up!