Thursday, February 2, 2012

Letter of Intent - the Komen Edition

I haven't played with LOI in a while, but I finally have time to type the letters I've been composing in my head.  If you have anyone who deserves a letter, head over to Foursons and link up.

Dear Susan G. Komen Foundation,

I understand that you're saying that you're withdrawing funding from Planned Parenthood because they are under investigation.  I could actually respect that stand, if that was the real reason why you are withdrawing funding. But I'm not an idiot, I know that your new leader is very openly anti-abortion.

So, of course, since your fearless leader is anti-abortion why on earth would you continue to support a program that provides needed health services to underserved women nationwide?  Planned Parenthood is a place where young girls who have no other place to go for information about birth control can go and be treated with respect.  They provide women with cancer screenings, including, until your funding was withdrawn, breast cancer screening.

You have just denied thousands of women the chance to be screened for the very cancer your foundation is searching for a cure for.  All because you focus on one service that some Planned Parenthood locations offer.

I don't have a lot of money to give to charity, but you can be damn sure that you'll never receive a dime from me.  Any money that would have been donated to you will go to another agency, most likely Planned Parenthood.

Ashamed I Ever Supported Your Foundation

Dear Loud Mouth,

Trying to get any work done once you enter the building is impossible.

Why don't you STFU?

Not Getting Any Editing Done Thanks To You


Shepherd K said...

GunDiva, I can respect your position while at the same time disagreeing with it. SGK is a private, non-profit and should be entitled to do whatever the heck it wants with its money within the terms of its charter. The problem I have is that too many politicians and media types seem to be completely unaware of this reality and seem to be convinced that PP is ENTITLED to SGK's funding. Furthermore, what is going unreported is that SGK is continuing funding to PP locations which serve in communities without other options for these breast cancer screening services. If you really want to open the can of worms, let's get into the discussion of PP's history while we are at it. Just my two cents.

GunDiva said...

Shepherd K - I actually agree with several of your statements. And the best thing about our bloggy friendship? We can disagree and still respect each other in the morning. :)

I firmly believe that SGK can give to anyone they want (or don't want) and that's their right. I also agree that a lot of people feel like PP is entitled to that money, and they're not.

I also agree that PP may or may not be the best run organization out there, but it's one that a whole heap of women are comfortable with - like a security blanket for underserved women.

Being a woman (though some people forget that I am), I'm going with my gut here. It *feels* wrong for SGK to withdraw their funding.

However, my feelings are moot right now, since they've reversed their decision.

Foursons said...

Well regardless of what one's stance on the whole situation is, I think it can't be argued that SGK got some unwanted negative attention because of their actions.

Dear Loud-Mouth,

Shut.Up. :)

Thanks for linking up girly!